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Why add muscle powder can increase muscle

by:Shine High     2020-08-16
Listen to add muscle powder name will know that its effect is to add muscle, but if you want to convince everyone must come up with examples. A lot of friends when not taking gain powder increase muscle, thus increase muscle powder can increase muscle also let everybody has taken a wait-and-see attitude. Why add muscle powder can add muscle, today small make up to you to explain the principle of increase muscle powder increase muscle, as for those who eat add muscle powder has effect of friends and see if their taking method is not correct, influence the effect. Add muscle powder increase muscle principle, increase muscle gain principle 1, plays a key role in increased muscle powder is protein, egg, therefore, in the choice of protein, mainly with the types of protein biological value and the purpose of the user. The higher biological value, high protein absorption, On the other hand, the slower the absorption rate. Users usually need to get more protein, and is a good quality of protein. 2, sugar content is also very important in the gain powder, while too much sugar can lead to insulin secretion increased, but the sugar can help protein absorption. Sugar can provide a lot of heat at the same time, promote the synthesis of glycogen, reduce the protein analysis of the movement. In the add muscle powder, sugar content is in commonly 30% 60%. 3, fat and sugar can increase the heat value add muscle powder, therefore, in the add muscle powder on the heat distribution of the proportion of sugar, protein and fat to provide heat, as a general rule, be 4:2:1. 4, other ingredients: creatine can significantly increase muscle volume, thus increasing lean body mass; Glutamine can prevent muscle analysis, promote recovery, also can stimulate the secretion of synthetic hormones in the body, improve body immunity; Vitamin B6 can promote the synthesis of protein in the body. In addition, most of the increase muscle powder formulations were joined, methyl chromium l-carnitine strongly reduced fat traits, such as can effectively reduce the accumulation of body fat. Second, add muscle powder method as a dietary supplement. According to the requirements put right amount add muscle powder in warm water ( Do not recommend using cold, because some may taste xu han, with cool will affect the absorption and bad to the body) Or milk mix can take. The number of daily use reference the product description. Want to get the best effect, please with proper strength training and dietary nutrition. Taking gain powder at the same time do not with the same role of the product.
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