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Who is nutritional supplements can eat? Be sure to eat?

by:Shine High     2021-01-20
On September 15,

when I was young my mother often in the 'do not picky about food', grow up to know the truth. Just make sure the usual rich diet, the body naturally does not need additional nutrients supplements.

10 o 'clock in the morning, sit at the same table colleagues mobile phone suddenly the bell, she USES skilled action quickly turn off the ringtone, from the bag took out an elaborate collocation of boxes to take the pills in the grid, unscrewed the vacuum cup and swallowed the medicine down.

at a young age, complexion is ruddy, also don't know what is gave birth to the disease, a day to take medicine regularly, strange love. At that time my love, in a curious and asked her.

I: 'Jessie! I see you at this time of day to take medicine, you living what disease? '

Jessie politely turned me a dirty look, and said to me' is not sick, who is not medicine, vitamin pills '. , '

I want to eat so much? I think you just ate a! ! ! ! '

I:' you are so young, don't have to spell. '

Jessie:' I in 98, already old, I don't live a little bit more effort how young people together with you '.

I: 'Jessie, there's one thing you may not know, I'm 89'.

we will find that people are paying more attention to health, to worry about his lack of this or that kind of nutrition, so a lot of people will buy some nutrition supplements for their supplements. In fact, for most of diversification to eat a balanced diet healthy people, nutrient supplements don't need them.

dietary supplements is only as unreasonable, unbalanced, and lifestyle factors such as age, occupation or daily dietary supply, or when certain nutrients need to increase the supplement.

in daily life, people need to supplement nutrient supplements?

special physiological stage of women or old man

a, for pregnant women

should be fortified with folic acid food, or at the same time of to eat food rich in folic acid intake of folic acid supplements, in order to reduce the fetus appears some serious risk of birth defects.

2, pregnancy or lactation women

need to add some nutrients, especially iron and folic acid; If insufficient calcium food intake, also want to calcium supplements.

3, menopausal women

in order to reduce the loss of bone calcium, in addition to eating calcium-rich foods, also can moderate taking calcium supplements, calcium tablet.

4, the elderly

the old general digestive function loss, nutrient loss increase, may need vitamin D and calcium supplements. In addition, it is recommended that adults age 50 and older from supplements or source abundance of food intake of vitamin B12.

normal diet can't meet the demand of special groups

a, dieters

strict diet ( One day the calorie intake of less than 1200 kcal) Due to excessive nutrients in the diet can lead to food shortage, it is recommended to use compound vitamin and mineral supplements. But in principle, unless under the supervision of a doctor, should not choose very low calorie diet.

2, vegetarian

if the daily dietary intake of dairy products and animal food, hardly requires extra calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

3, nutrition malabsorption

it is only by quantity. Other information


special assignments, nutrient demand increase or can't get rich meals, such as high temperature environment for a long time operation workers and ocean, field operation personnel.

special circumstances can't eat.

during the recovery period or sick patients, such as digestion or liver disease can affect appetite, or affect the absorption of nutrients, utilization and discharge; Operation will increase the demand for certain nutrients; And some drugs such as antacids, antibiotics, sugar-refining and diuretics may interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

drink, smoke, drink coffee and mental stress, the stress of life. Such people not only easy to suffer from some disease, stress under the condition of nutrients in the body is easy to loss. What need reminds is, however, although the vitamin and mineral supplements is one of the supply method, but the fundamental way is to quit the bad habit.

I: 'Jessie, you today at noon to eat what? '

Jessie:' oh, I just called the take-away. How about you, what to eat? '

I:' young people should eat less food, doing more healthy, so today I bring your own lunch! ”
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