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Which brand good recommend five big brand l-carnitine l-carnitine

by:Shine High     2020-07-12
Now there are many products can promote body fat into, for the love of beauty wants to maintain figure has a lot of appeal, for people want to lose weight is very attractive, and have the function of this aspect of l-carnitine is, of course, there are a lot of enterprises in the production and sales, so l-carnitine which brand is good? A thin, green green thin is a brand of China, founded in 2002, 17 years has been very hard in weight loss products, the type of coverage is very broad, including the l-carnitine series. The brand has a lot of shopping channels, so you can easily buy through physical stores and online, the price difference is not big. Second, GNC GNC is many health friends all know that a health food brand, is one of the world famous brand, in 1935, was formally established in the United States, distance has now been operating for 84 years, has focused on research and development and the development of health care products market and has a wealth of experience, there is also a professional nutrition formula, so the total product is more reliable. Three, a natural treasure always across the country, a good brand will transcend race, will be bloomed in the light of different in different countries, also in different areas, blossom out their own color, and nature's treasure is one of the world famous nutrition food manufacturers, in 1971 formally established in the United States, have been half a century of development, covering the surface is very extensive, including the series of l-carnitine, popularity is also very high in the market. Four, news remains Newcastle is a famous brand in the United States, an important role in the health food industry, also have very good reputation, was established in 2003, has focused on the health food business, in product development also has the principle of quality first, so he has a place in the fierce competition in the health care products market, friends in need can be choose this brand of l-carnitine. Five, revised correction enterprise was established in 1995, is a big brand health products manufacturer in China, based in changchun, jilin province, the distance has been established for 24 years, has been operating in a variety of health foods and herbs, has made an important contribution, has made remarkable achievements, so want to buy l-carnitine can also be friends think about it. Many friends may find the product sales price volatility is bigger, may be related to the specific of the specifications of the different size, it is also possible with the content of l-carnitine is bigger, so we need to look for the specifications before purchase and brand, also need to know some relevant content, to avoid get some illegal products.
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