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Whey protein powder, when is the best time to eat

by:Shine High     2020-09-07
Whey protein powder is now a lot of families as a daily nutritional health food to eat, but many people don't know whey protein powder, when is the best time to eat. Small make up think only at the right time for whey protein powder, absorption and utilization will reach the highest point. Otherwise although supplement nutrition, but there is no absorption, is wasted. Whey protein powder as high quality protein, whey protein is suitable for infants and young children, the elderly, sports population and preoperative patients after surgery. Whey protein powder is pure whey protein products, no other nutrients, thus not suitable for infants and young children to eat. Sports population 30 - after exercise 22-40 minutes, and drink 45 g, to eliminate fatigue, enhance the effect of energy. Whey protein powder according to the characteristics of the Chinese constitution, especially to strengthen the milk calcium, and added can help the body absorb, utilization of vitamin B group, vitamin D and other trace elements, function test has proved that, with enhance immunity health care function, is suitable for patients before and after operation, patients with serious illness, and maternal and lactating women, the roughness of the skin, the elderly and lack of energy in study, work pressure and nutrition of sub-health crowd. Activity of whey protein is extracted from fresh milk a compound protein, contains the necessary amino acids and many nutrients, each composition has a unique biological role. Easy to digest, does not contain lactose. Activity of the ten benefits of whey protein, active whey protein can provide glutathione precursors, thus can improve the antioxidant function of the body cells and generally don't have time to take whey protein powder on the limit, don't be taken on an empty stomach. On an empty stomach, protein powder will be as a general 'thermogenesis food consumption, waste not only, also increase the metabolism of the liver and kidney burden. The most suitable day for whey protein powder, the first time, should be in the morning. When we wake up in the morning, the digestion and absorption function of intestines and stomach is in good condition, so eat some protein powder, very conducive to absorb, not a waste of resources; And because just get out of bed in the morning, when the body does not need to spend any energy, by this time the body to absorb more protein is to accumulate in the body, rather than consume. When people take supplements, always struggle in before dinner, or eat again, after breakfast at dinner or eat at the same time. Supplements should be in commonly before dinner, so more conducive to the absorption, but it suits to eat after the meal, protein powder around after lunch and dinner after half an hour or so to eat protein powder, is one of the best. This is because, the person is in after the day of work is labor, consumes a lot of energy, and whey protein powder to eat first, then the whey protein powder will consume first, so that is a waste; And if you eat first, in this case, the body energy to get added, and then to eat protein powder, can be its nutrient accumulation in the body, not consume immediately. You might be interested in the content: drink protein powder will fat? What people drink protein powder is suitable for children to eat protein powder is good inventory protein powder the benefits of the three benefits of the elderly to eat protein powder helps to relieve the cardiovascular disease pregnant women can eat protein powder, pregnant women how much protein per day
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