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Whey protein powder have side effect? What are the dangers of long-term use of whey protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-09-07
Protein powder is very common in daily life nourishment, for frail even picky eating should supplement some nutritional protein powder, to improve their immune ability, although often take whey protein powder is good for the body, but whey protein powder and not long-term use, long-term use of whey protein powder has a lot of side effects to the body, the following will introduce to you a good introduction. The effect of whey protein powder whey protein powder is necessary nutrition elements, muscle recovery and growth can also be involved in the metabolism of the body, contain a variety of amino acids, and is easy to digest absorb, still contain a variety of methionine in whey actually, can maintain antioxidant levels in the human body, is a very good immunity protein, and can promote the humoral immunity and cellular immunity, can prevent the occurrence of induced cancer, at the same time to maintain the body antioxidants are of great help. Whey protein powder potential side effects of whey protein causes heart disease, consuming foods high in protein would increase the risk of cancer, at the same time whey protein powder is easy to lead to fatigue, your baby too much whey protein powder can also lead to diarrhea, long-term use of whey protein powder can also cause migraines and other types of headache disorders, even prone to edema, even can also cause severe protein intolerance. Whey protein powder the best dose of whey protein powder every 10 grams with 50 ml of water, milk or your favorite beverage can be used in place of, it is advisable to suggest that eating one to three times a day, can be used on the advice of the doctor or a dietician. 30 - after exercise 40 minutes can drink, 1 - at a time 2 copies of whey protein powder. A lot of people taking the whey protein powder, can drink on an empty stomach, actually drink on an empty stomach harm is great, especially the using amount of sugar and salt can't add too much, but also cannot be a taking with acidic beverage, especially when using whey protein powder once don't want to drink excessive heating, and taking time once the amount should be paid more attention to, don't be too much.
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