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Whey protein powder has been a very popular health care products, advertising propaganda that is a kind of precious and high quality protein. Whey protein is a high quality protein, it is widely used in raw

by:Shine High     2020-09-06
Whey is cheese scraps from whey protein powder, as its name implies, is from the whey protein powder. So what is the whey? In fact, whey are nothing new. Sometimes you open a cup of frozen yoghurt, in the light of liquid whey. Whey protein powder is not used in yogurt, of course, it points out liquid, but using the production process of a large number of whey cheese. You know, there are two kinds of protein in milk, one kind is big casein, another kind is the small size of soluble protein. Cheese is by putting the milk ( May also be a goat's milk, etc. ) The casein coagulation. Usually about 10 kilograms of milk to produce 1 kg cheese and the rest of the 9 kg, is the whey. Human invention cheese has a history of several thousand years, most of the time during the thousands of years, whey were out directly, or treated as for scraps from the pigs. Until the 20th century, with the development of the dairy industry, the output of whey is bigger and bigger. On the one hand, for reasons of environmental protection, whey cannot be directly discharged into the river; On the other hand, the enterprise also hope to be able to get some money from these 'scraps'. So people began to research how to use whey. So, though the whey protein powder is a good thing, but it is not so valuable as advertised. The nutrients in the whey whey have what? Is more than 90% water. Because the vast majority of casein and fat cheese keep, so the dry matter in whey is mainly those substances of soluble in water, including the vast majority of lactose in milk, soluble protein, minerals and some water-soluble vitamins. The soluble protein in the whey, is called a whey protein. Whey protein is mainly in the beta Globulin and alpha Lactalbumin, and a small amount of serum albumin. By means of membrane filtration of the whey protein concentrate, and then spray drying, get the whey protein concentrate powder. We need a whey protein powder, many people know there are some amino acids are the body's own not synthetic, must pass to get food, these amino acids are called essential amino acids. While whey protein contain all the essential amino acids, and is very easy to digest absorb, so whey protein is a kind of high quality protein, has been widely applied in the production of infant formula. This is because the people in the breast milk whey protein is much higher than the proportion of the total protein in the milk whey protein proportion, thus in infant formula on the basis of the milk production, often need to whey protein powder was added to adjust the proportion of protein, making them as close as possible to breast milk. In addition, for fitness enthusiasts, whey protein powder is a kind of very good protein supplements. Within half an hour after resistance exercise protein-rich food can increase the growth of muscle tissue, so as to obtain better fitness effect. Others eat a moderate amount of protein powder is also good for your health. However, despite the virtues of whey protein powder, but it is not irreplaceable. In fact, as a healthy adults, maintain normal reasonable prandial collocation, every day is not a lack of protein. In addition, as consumers, we consider the problem of a cost-effective. Now on the market is a can of 400 grams of whey protein powder sold in 200 - 300 yuan, equivalent to every cost 1 yuan of money to buy less than 2 grams of protein - — Far less to spend the same money to eat an egg. ( 1 in eggs containing 6 - probably 8 grams of protein, 1 yuan to buy an egg is ok. ) To go to the gym fitness enthusiasts, if embarrassed in peel eggs to eat, and the effect of whey protein powder is good to drink.
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