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Whey protein powder can enhance resistance

by:Shine High     2020-09-01
Nutrient deficiency will lead to increased risk, we only have greater resistance, can prevent disease. For immune system, at present more popular recognition method is protein, which have the effect of whey protein powder is the best. Eat whey protein powder can enhance resistance, whey protein powder provides a variety of nutrition in human metabolism, effectively increase the body's resistance. On the nutrition, not only to consider the amount of protein powder, more should pay attention to the essence of the protein powder. A lack of essential amino acids in the protein powder, its nutritional value is very poor. If only to the protein powder as the main food protein powder, will be unable to maintain nitrogen balance in the body, or tissue protein powder will degrade to provide more essential amino acids, some organizations for the body composition of update repair, leading to discharge of nitrogen than eat protein powder. Whey protein powder is animal protein normal adults under normal nutritional status, should be in a state of total nitrogen balance, instant into the equal nitrogen and discharge. Food protein contains essential amino acids the more complete, on the type and quantity and the composition of protein powder more close to the human body, the higher its nutritional value or physical value. Whey protein powder mainly comes from milk? Eggs? Meat? Beans? Hard fruit, such as the protein content in grains. Whey protein molecules, and immunogenicity, after eating into required in gastrointestinal digestion, can be absorbed. Digestion caused by protein and whey protein powder. Digest whey protein powder is the original form of secretion in the stomach and the lumen. Gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid, pH< 2, have antiseptic? Whey protein denaturation and prompting gastric protein original own activation function. Gastric protein in gastric effects on whey protein powder and much, to be hydrolyzed into much smaller. After food enters the small intestine, pancreas bicarbonate and gastric acid, make the pH increase to 7; At the same time the pancreatic protein of pancreas? Mi protein original? Pancreatic E original? Carboxyl was A and B, and so on, immediately after the activation effect on gastric protein hydrolysate, hydrolysis, respectively, their respective specific keys. In addition, the small intestine also secrete amino, acting on the amino terminal, in turn off key. In under the action of the whey protein powder was hydrolyzed into amino acids? Two and three. Two and three major in intestinal mucosa cells was hydrolyzed by two and three. Whey protein powder, amino acid digestion and final product by specific absorption mechanism and into the body.
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