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Whey protein powder and protein powder is the difference between what to teach you to distinguish between the two

by:Shine High     2020-09-07
Believe that many people will find when buy protein powder, in fact, in many current store have whey protein powder and protein powder commonly exist, a lot of friends at this time often don't know should choose which is better, so, the difference between whey protein powder and protein powder exactly what? Small make up after understanding for everyone to do the sorting, see together. First, the absorption rate is not the same as the absorption rate of whey protein is relatively fast, general need only 40 minutes to 30 minutes can be fully absorbed by human body, while protein absorption speed is more slow, need two hours or longer before it can be better absorbed by human body. Second, different whey protein powder production method is through the cash from milk production process of the separated protein powder, its wonders is very high, and there are amino acids, and so on nutrients in them, so, it is also known as the king of protein, protein nature can make the effect better play out, and ordinary protein powder production process are relatively poor, unable to maximize guarantee the purity of protein powder, so, some effects will be slightly times. Third, digest it faster the speed of discharge to be absorbed by the blood from the stomach protein powder is quicker than normal, so, to help improve your muscle problems and promote rapid recovery plays the effect will be more expensive, and, under the high speed motion state, it can better satisfy the human body needs. Fourth, the price is not the same as we know, pay attention to when a purchase is worth, and whey protein powder compared with general protein powder, effect better, more easily absorbed by the body, so, if it is the same brand of product, you will find that the price will be more expensive than normal protein powder a lot. Above is the difference between whey protein powder and protein powder of the related content, suggest you don't go to buy more expensive when buy whey protein powder, want to combine their actual demand to choose, and see which one is your affordable and the effect is relatively good, so can ensure that choose to protein powder is the best for yourself.
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