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Whey protein powder and protein powder has what difference

by:Shine High     2020-09-07
Protein is the most important nutrients in the body, also is one of the most material, 20% of the adult body is composed of protein. As everybody knows, whey protein powder and protein powder is can give the protein of the human body. But, what is the difference between whey protein powder and protein powder, we believe that knowing down then. A whey protein powder, whey protein powder the activity of whey protein powder is extracted from fresh milk whey protein concentrate powder, protein - to human breast milk has the same activity - - - - - - Glutathione synthesis material. It contains more than 40 types of main nutrients, adults and children absorb a variety of vitamins, minerals, precious source of protein and energy. Whey protein powder has anti-aging, improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, and the efficacy of detoxification. The prevention and treatment for diabetes, chronic enteritis, gastritis, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, fatigue syndrome; Effective treatment of infantile repeated colds, anorexia, etc. And can rapidly recover the wound, remove age spots, and repair the scar and a significant delay aging, improve sleep, beauty in yan effect, etc. Second, protein powder, soybean protein powder is soybean extracted from soybean, a series of processing steps of purification of proteins. The soybean separation protein contains eight kinds of essential amino acids, approximation with meat, fish, eggs, milk, belong to the complete proteins. Third, the difference between the two what whey protein contains soy protein does not have the immune globulin and lactoferrin, more comprehensive nutrition. Compared with soybean protein powder, pure whey protein powder taste the smell of frankincense. Whey protein powder is the use of advanced technology of precious extracted from milk proteins, with its high purity, high absorptivity, amino acid composition, the most reasonable, and many other advantages are pushed to the 'king of protein'. Whey protein not only easy to digest, and still have this product, charging rate, high protein efficiency ratio and high efficiency, is the high-quality goods of protein. After finish machining, the two kinds of protein powder is very high nutritional value, but the purpose is distinguishing. Molecular weight is large, generally speaking, soy protein digestion process a little more complicated, more suitable for ordinary supplements; And whey protein molecular weight is small, more suitable for the elderly, children, and recovery after illness.
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