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When you add muscle protein powder or add muscle

by:Shine High     2020-08-18
When you add muscle protein powder or add muscle powder? Believe that the beginning of a lot of fitness increased muscle friends will have such doubt. Small make up just to talk to you today, how to eat will be more effective when add muscle.       Muscle energy = + + protein anabolic nutrients. Can be seen from the previous formula is muscle protein synthesis in the process of the very important matter. Protein is a general designation, including 20 kinds of amino acids, the needs of different amino acid combination become the body of different materials, such as myoglobin, hemoglobin, globulin and so on. And there are 9 species (in the 20 amino acids in the There's also a say eight) Is unable to synthesis of the body, and can only be obtained through food, we call it the essential amino acids. If a food contains the 9 kinds of amino acids at the same time, we call it a complete protein, otherwise don't contain both the 9 kinds of amino acids are called incomplete protein. When you add muscle protein powder or add muscle & # 160;     In real life, the protein in the animal food is a complete protein ( It is easy to understand, people and animals) So animal protein is more likely to be the body to use. And plant protein is not a complete protein, need several kinds of plant foods to eat together, through the complementary to get the 9 kinds of essential amino acids. Add muscle powder and weight mainly contain the rapid absorption of carbohydrates; And part of the protein. And the main components of the protein powder is protein. So, small make up recommend eating nutrition is best judged according to their own bodies, if you are thin, so suggest that you take to add muscle powder is better, because add muscle powder containing protein and energy, has a good effect on weight gain; If you are not very thin, has certain fats, then eat protein powder, because fat during exercise can be converted into energy, and then added more protein powder. Add muscle training, more thin people fit to eat add muscle powder, not very thin people can use protein powder. If you have better economic conditions, like big muscles, then you can be used both at the same time, can let you shorten the time of the gain.
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