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What was the source of l-carnitine weight loss what principle is the earliest

by:Shine High     2020-07-19
These days, my friends have been discussing l-carnitine weight loss this topic. L-carnitine is said to be the moment of the most popular weight loss products, is a group called the economy of western wooden recommended by Dr. On unreliable, still need to consider. That left alkali carnitine can reduce weight really? On such a matter of fact, to clarify a few concepts: a, l-carnitine is what? From the Angle of biochemical, what is the function? Source? L-carnitine is a kind of molecular structure is left-handed amino acid derivatives ( Organic compounds) , originally separated from meat, so called carnitine. Second, l-carnitine from a biological standpoint has what function? From a biological standpoint, its main function is as the carrier, 1) After the decomposition of fat fatty acids, to cells in the 'energy factories' - Mitochondria where oxidation, it releases energy; 2) Some hazardous wastes generated in the mitochondrial metabolism. Three, what was the source of l-carnitine daily: 1) Human uptake of l-carnitine in red meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, 2) The liver, kidney with lysine and methionine synthesis, and the two kinds of amino acids in the food is very common. Thus, the main function of l-carnitine, like power plant coal tub, put coals to plant in the combustion furnace combustion. This analogy is very good to us points out the l-carnitine can't really lose weight, its main function is to transport fat, can let the body in life activities better to burn fat.
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