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What role does the whey protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-09-07
Protein of the importance of self-evident, but each person every day in the metabolism, especially our friends in work in the brain, to a greater demand for protein. Protein is necessary at ordinary times, the absorption of proteins in whey protein powder is very high, very suitable for daily used to supplement the protein's friend, what role does the whey protein powder, we learn about the role of whey protein together! 1. Maintain skin and normal tissues and organs in the body we have a is very important for the skin and tissues and organs of large molecules: collagen. And collagen is the most abundant content of protein in the human body, it is the most important components of extracellular matrix. Collagen protein is very important for all kinds of tissue damage repair function, and the effect to the skin collagen is more important, because the skin 70% is made up of collagen, it to keep skin healthy and young have a vital role. So if the body can not get enough protein supplement, will affect the normal metabolism of skin, accelerate ageing. 2, provide the necessary for human body protein protein is essential nutrients, accounting for about 17% of the total body weight, it is composed of cells in the body, various kinds of organization of material, leave the proteins, there is no way to life. Enzymes, chemical reactions needed to maintain the body immunity antibody, regulating the organization of the relationship between hormone and so on, the protein is that they must be the composition of the material. The body's resistance, the reaction process of metabolism, tissue repair these process to sustain the health of human body, which require the participation of protein. Protein powder to ensure human body normal physiological needs. If the body can not get enough protein, it will affect the normal growth and intellectual development. Proteins have these effects is the supplement of protein powder. Whey protein powder contains rich amino acid 3, provide amino acids required in the metabolism of the body. Whey protein is contained in all types of essential amino acids the human body needs, but the proportion of amino acid structure, as well as on the features and human milk were similar. β- Milk globulin, alpha Lactalbumin branched chain amino acids and a good source of essential amino acids. 4, improve immune system function, strengthen the resistance. Immunoglobulin and lactoferrin have immune activity and antioxidant ability, can complete access to the proximal small intestine, protect the function of intestinal mucosa, kill or inhibit bacteria, enhance immunity.
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