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What is the l-carnitine l-carnitine useful

by:Shine High     2020-07-06
Believe that many people have heard of l-carnitine, also there are a lot of people use l-carnitine to lose weight, but some people don't even know what is the same, so there is a question of l-carnitine weight loss, small make up today is to uncover the mysteries of l-carnitine for everybody let's take a look at. L-carnitine is what is a kind of help fat into energy type of amino acids, red meat is the main source of l-carnitine, non-toxic side effects to the human body. Different types of already contains 5 - diet 100 mg of l-carnitine, but the average person can only from dietary intake of 50 mg per day, vegetarians eat less. The main physiological function is to promote l-carnitine. Fat is converted into energy, taking l-carnitine can at the same time of reducing body fat, reduce weight, without reducing water and muscle, was considered to be 'in the' weight loss. L-carnitine really useful fat metabolism process should pass a barrier, obstacle is mitochondrial membrane and mitochondria can burn fat, releasing energy, consumed by the body, but the long chain fatty acids pass the obstacles. L-carnitine have played an important role in the porter! The long chain fatty acids handling to block out bit by bit, to the mitochondria, let it further oxidation. However, if the amount of exercise ( Energy consumption) Is not big, fat consumption is not much, just add s does not increase fat oxidation function, it does not help to reducing weight. In general, Exercise is not very big) , the body to synthesize enough l-carnitine, won't appear the problem of l-carnitine. Only in the amount of exercise is very big, such as athletes or sports fitness, energy consumption per unit time is more, fat oxidation power 'flow' is bigger, can be ( Many study support, there is also a research report negative) L-carnitine synthesis 'insufficient'. At this point, the extra taking l-carnitine, expand the transport fleet, The carrier) The size of the (in unit time to site Mitochondria) Deliver more brick ( Fatty acid) , apparently beneficial to burn more fat. Above is an introduction to the full of l-carnitine, if you want to lose weight by l-carnitine must also pass a lot of exercise to achieve the effect that reduce weight, also hope if can cooperate with diet, thin body effect will be more good, the last hope you have a good figure.
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