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What is the effect of protein powder add muscle protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-04-14
Believe that a lot of people is no stranger to protein powder, protein powder has certain benefits to human body health, even, a lot of people to add muscle with protein powder. So, what effect does albumen powder? Can add muscle protein powder? Small make up today to talk to you if there is a increase the effect of muscle protein powder. A what, protein powder, protein powder is generally used purification soy protein or casein, whey protein, or a combination of the above several kinds of protein, consisting of powder, its purpose is for people who lack the protein protein. Protein is to guarantee the body health is the most important nutrients, it is necessary to maintain and repair the body, and cell growth, it not only affects the growth of body tissues such as muscle, also involved in the production of hormones, immune function to maintain, transport oxygen and other nutrients, and the formation of hemoglobin, blood clotting. The effect of protein powder, protein powder 1 2, improving immunity, promoting muscle growth. 3, 4 repair cells and construction organization, form cells and tissues of the body all 5, maintain the normal function of cell and metabolism 6, forming enzyme system, maintain normal digestive function 7, making blood transporting material, maintain the osmotic pressure of the eight body, the body's immune function, increase muscle powder effectively increase muscle increase muscle can also improve the effect of increasing muscle, if you are thin, so suggest that you take to add muscle powder is better, because add muscle powder containing protein and energy, has a good effect on weight gain; If you are not very thin, has certain fats, then eat protein powder, because fat during exercise can be converted into energy, and then added more protein powder.
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