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What is the difference between the gain powder and protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-08-08
Everyone at the time of shopping, especially online, will find that you want to buy add muscle powder, usually have a lot of product name, such as powder weight, protein powder, etc. , so everyone is no more difference between the increase muscle powder and protein powder. Add muscle what is the difference between the powder and protein powder, in fact they are both very good difference, main is to see the content of protein. Add muscle powder a, add muscle in general, for a thin, constitution and in phase increase muscle fitness enthusiasts, it is recommended to use add muscle powder is better. In simple terms, is those who upset how to eat also not fat, is generally considered to be the body does not absorb. Too fast is the body metabolism, energy consumption is greater than the intake, so weight has been growing difficult. Solution is to eat much food more, high quantity of heat, high carbohydrate. But the stomach capacity is limited, then add muscle powder is the unit of heat higher intake. ( Increase muscle powder after taking up time can cause or training, try to avoid taking before going to bed before taking high heat gain powder could improve growth of fat chance. ) Second, the protein powder for easy get fat or in phase reduced fat friends, or suggest eating more protein, fat reducing, control calorie intake is the key, this period is not recommended to add muscle powder. Reduced fat during need strict control diet, many people in the diet can't stick to it. Protein powder taking no special requirements, after getting up, after the training, can be taken before sleep. Three, the primary difference between muscle powder and protein powder toughening powder and powder weight mainly contain the rapid absorption of carbohydrates; And part of the protein. And the main components of the protein powder is protein. So, small make up recommend eating nutrition is best judged according to their own bodies, if you are thin, so suggest that you take to add muscle powder is better, because add muscle powder containing protein and energy, has a good effect on weight gain; If you are not very thin, has certain fats, then eat protein powder, because fat during exercise can be converted into energy, and then added more protein powder.
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