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What is the difference between protein powder and increase muscle

by:Shine High     2020-04-16
Many people who have heard fitness protein powder and increase muscle, but where is the difference between the two? Believe that many people do not know. Small make up will talk to you, today in the gym, what is the protein powder and increase muscle? Protein powder and add muscle powder and what is the difference? What is the difference between protein powder and gain the & # 160;     In simple terms, protein powder is protein, is only relative to food protein, his higher purity, contains the optimal proportion of all kinds of amino acids, more conducive to the absorption of human body. Suitable for people with add muscle requirements, because protein is the key to muscle recovery and growth, is conducive to the growth of muscles, also suitable for protein powder reduced fat, protein powder fat content is very low, need not worry about fat.       Add muscle powder relative to protein powder, besides containing protein, also contain high quantity of heat of carbohydrate, and some vitamins, and minerals, and so on. It almost covers all the nutritional elements in the muscle growth body, beginners can consider edible gain powder. Very suitable for the fitness of lean body mass, which is beneficial to promote the increase of body weight and body surround degree.       Protein powder and add muscle powder consumption three gold points are wake up, after training, before sleeping, it is easier to absorb.       To be sure before you go to bed is not recommended to add muscle powder, reason is that gain high heat consumption and promote the role of insulin secretion increases the accumulation of body fat, sometimes also can interfere with sleep, but if the training intensity and the correct use of gain enough powder, not only will not increase the accumulation of body fat, still can make add muscle get twice the result with half the effort effect.
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