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What is a good whey protein powder absorption enhanced resistance to eat

by:Shine High     2020-08-20
Poor resistance is likely to get sick, sick is not only the body uncomfortable, also seriously affected our work and study medicine. Strengthen the resistance, is one of the best ways to make us sick less often. Small make up here would increase resistance into two parts, the first step is the movement, this article temporarily not accept; The second part is the diet, that is, greater resistance to eat what to tell you, this paper whey protein powder absorption is good. Cabbage juice, can promote the recovery of hematopoietic function, resistance to hardening of the arteries, to prevent sugar into fat, prevent cholesterol deposition has a good effect. When gum infection causes periodontosis, drinkable cabbage and carrot mix juice, can have the effect of clean mouth. Cucumber juice: cucumber juice plays an important role in strong heart and blood vessels, can adjust blood pressure, prevent myocardial strain and sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, also can make the nervous system is composed, enhance memory. Cucumber juice contains many elements are needed in hair and nails and can prevent hair loss and fingernail crack. Banana: banana contains alkaloids, help to cheer up and increase confidence. In addition, the banana is the source of the amino acid and vitamin B6, can make the brain to make serotonin, thereby reducing depression. Keep them at their ease can effectively enhance immunity. Low-fat yogurt: is not only a low-fat yogurt, a variety of other dairy products are nutritious treasures! Dairy products can provide calcium, and it contains a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. These elements is the key to fight against osteoporosis. Nutrition experts recommend 3 portions per day of low-fat dairy products, at the same time cooperate with weight-bearing exercises, so that we can strong bones, improve immune ability. Whey protein powder, whey protein can regulate immune function, which can effectively improve immunity. Whey protein in biological activity, provided by the special component is far more than its as the features of high quality source of amino acids. These special proteins has the function of immune regulation. Whey protein is the soluble protein in milk proteins, about 20% of the milk protein. In the whey protein not only contain large molecules known as protein, such as alpha Lactalbumin, beta Serum protein milk globulin, still contain small molecules, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin and tissue growth factor. These proteins were confirmed to enhance immune ingredients, can adjust the immune function of a certain range, and bioactive functions associated with a particular scope, for example with beneficial bacteria effect, promote tissue repair, maintaining the integrity and destruction of pathogenic bacteria and toxins, etc.
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