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What are the way to lean how to gain weight

by:Shine High     2020-03-28
A lot of thin people want to also can have flexed his muscles, especially male friends. Men too thin not only looks not enough male charm, also let a female insecurity. So, lean how to gain weight? What methods of thin people gain weight? A, why do you thin? May be the main reasons why the genetic and habits, if you grew up at home to eat good drink good also not fat, thin family, it is mainly genetic problem. Genes determine your body type belongs to ( Or bias) Embryonic type, this type of body, basal metabolic rate is extremely high, add muscle was slow. Second, thin people gain weight method 1, the body needs calories diet plan, also need the metabolic heat. Macro, when you eat more heat than you metabolic heat, your weight will increase, reduce conversely. That is to say, as long as you really enough to eat, even if you do not have to go fitness, to put on weight - — Just increase the possibility of more is adipose, was not so good, much less healthy. Thin people gain weight method to eat much food less is the name of the game - — Of course we need more weight gain may eat much food. Much food mean, three meals a day can be divided into 5 ~ 6 meals: breakfast, brunch, lunch, lunch, dinner, supper. So that you can be more evenly your calories, consuming more calories, eating you normally eat not enough calories to support also. 2, training plan to be strong,, of course, is the first large muscle group practice. First practice, chest plate thickening, immediately put the shoulder practice, people immediately widened, chest and shoulder type a bit later, you'll be from small partners that received your recent strong! '' praise. Back and legs in the long run it is more important, but more difficult to entry; And chest is the most easy to entry, so early can be trained in the priority of chest shoulder and legs at the same time, let the chest more priority, feeling control resistance and muscle growth process, convenient used in other muscles. Training methods mainly, large weight, low set, composite action, free weight is given priority to. Muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, recovery 3, a training is to tear the muscle fibers, and then absorb your intake of protein, 'excess', your muscles will become big. So it's very important to rest time, finished muscle practice, must give enough time to repair, it can grow; If you haven't repaired, train again you tear it, obviously there would be no good effect.       So, the same muscles don't practice every day, in general, takes more than 48 hours to repair of a muscle, namely training not more than twice a week. Lower back, waist, need time to repair 72 hours; And abs fast repair and training every day also just as well, but I still suggest that the next day. Third, increase muscle powder to help increase muscle weight gain powder is gain added in medicine. The proportion of carbohydrates and proteins is two to one, can give the energy needed to give daily supplement, and comprehensive nutrients, fat content is low, can replenish muscle essential proteins and carbohydrates, can increase their body weight in a short time and the degree of muscle circumference have better effect.
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