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What are the side effects of whey protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-09-06
You may think of whey protein powder sounds very nutritious, how could have side effects? Each kind of food does not actually say absolutely no side effects, because the crowd to have them are unique to the individual, is suitable for not suitable for decide it according to the individual constitution. What are the side effects of whey protein powder, under these circumstances is the side effects of whey protein powder. Induced heart disease: the side effects of a whey protein powder, protein breakdown products accumulate in the body can affect the normal liver and kidney function and low immunity, consuming foods high in protein will increase the risk of cancer. Fatigue: protein is usually associated with energy. But if you don't have a healthy diet, consuming whey could easily lead to fatigue. In other words, whey should be combined with complex carbohydrate intake. Diarrhea: baby is particularly easy for intake too much body difficult to digest protein and cause diarrhea. Headache: whey protein contain casein, this is a kind of main promoter migraines and other types of headache. Edema: excess protein and whey also often associated with swelling and bloating. Protein intolerances: as with lactose intolerance, a lot of people will develop protein intolerance, and lead to excessive secretes mucus immune system response. Whey protein powder, the effect of whey protein powder of 1. Provide the body with the necessary protein; Proteins are essential nutrients, accounting for about 17% of the total body weight, it is composed of cells in the body, various kinds of organization of material, leave the proteins, there is no way to life. Enzymes, chemical reactions needed to maintain the body immunity antibody, regulating the organization of the relationship between hormone and so on, the protein is that they must be the composition of the material. The body's resistance, the reaction process of metabolism, tissue repair these process to sustain the health of human body, which require the participation of protein. Protein powder to ensure human body normal physiological needs. If the body can not get enough protein, it will affect the normal growth and intellectual development. Proteins have these effects is the supplement of protein powder. 2. To maintain the skin and normal tissues and organs; We have a in the human body is very important for the skin and tissues and organs of large molecules: collagen. And collagen is the most abundant content of protein in the human body, it is the most important components of extracellular matrix. Collagen protein is very important for all kinds of tissue damage repair function, and the effect to the skin collagen is more important, because the skin 70% is made up of collagen, it to keep skin healthy and young have a vital role. So if the body can not get enough protein supplement, will affect the normal metabolism of skin, accelerate ageing. 3. Avoid some animal protein intake causes harm; In People's Daily diet to get a lot of animal protein, animal protein will increase the plasma cholesterol, high plasma cholesterol levels can cause hardening of the arteries and heart, and if they are people with diabetes, animal protein intake can aggravate the burden of the kidney. At that time, we can use plant sex protein powder to complement the required protein at ordinary times. Such as soybean protein as main ingredients of protein powder can effectively reduce plasma cholesterol, reduce animal protein in the kidney a harm to human body, and soy protein can effectively prevent hardening of the arteries and heart disease. You might be interested in the content: drink protein powder will fat? What people drink protein powder is suitable for children to eat protein powder is good inventory protein powder the benefits of the three benefits of the elderly to eat protein powder helps to relieve the cardiovascular disease pregnant women can eat protein powder, pregnant women how much protein per day
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