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What are the side effects of l-carnitine exposure l-carnitine side effects

by:Shine High     2020-07-15
Believe many people have heard of l-carnitine weight loss, some people say that l-carnitine weight loss effect is good, also some people said the side effects of l-carnitine is very big, can not take, in order to satisfy the consumer's question, small make up today to find out, let's see what are the side effects of l-carnitine. What is l-carnitine l-carnitine, Left - Carnitine is a kind of get the kind of amino acid fat into energy, red meat is the main source of l-carnitine, nickname L - Carnitine, vitamin BT, chemical name: beta The hydroxyl gamma - Three ammonium butyrate, white transparent lens or white powder. Easy to moisture absorption and good stability can be placed in a solution of pH3 ~ 6 more than 1 year, can the high temperature of 200 ℃ above and has good water soluble and water imbibition. L-carnitine is a kind of necessary material fat metabolism process, it can't be involved in the synthesis of protein, vitamin a species. But l-carnitine is close to the chemical structure of amino acid, can promote fatty acids into the mitochondria oxidative decomposition, to burn fat. The role of the side effects of l-carnitine l-carnitine is to help fat burning, heat, have the effect of weight loss. L-carnitine is equivalent to a vigorous exercise inside body, assumptions, a movement of people never buy to accelerate its run 200 meters, of course, will produce the symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, flustered, giddy. So, the heart speeds up, flustered, giddy and l-carnitine caused a degree of side effects. L-carnitine is very important to fat metabolism, the body is lack of l-carnitine, fat will consume is slow, long-term accumulation will become obese. Added to the human body, therefore, l-carnitine, can burn fat fast, achieve the goal of weight loss. L-carnitine itself as non-toxic material, and a reliable source, the chemical composition, but the use of l-carnitine, side effect is inevitable. While promoting the safety of l-carnitine, these side effects should also be floating in the water, well known. The above is the introduction to the side effects of l-carnitine, hope that the people who need to lose weight, choose the right way to lose weight, in order to guarantee the health of the body, to give up the idea of taking drugs. Movement is obesity predators, and no side effects, also won't rebound.
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