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Tomson times health R s lotus leaf tea polyphenols? Who can't eat

by:Shine High     2020-05-19
Believe there are a lot of people know tomson times health products are very good, also have a lot of people in need to buy health care products will first consider the brand of products, so, tomson times health R s lotus leaf tea polyphenols piece? What kind of people can't eat it? Today, small make up in the presence of the health food for everyone to do the sorting, together to see below. First, tomson times health R s lotus leaf tea polyphenols? Small make up to know that, the supplement of the composition of the main contains l-carnitine tartrate, silica, lotus leaf extract, copolymerization d ketone, tea polyphenol, crosslinking povidone and microcrystalline cellulose, etc. , its function mainly is to help reduce weight, if you want to achieve ideal effect reducing weight, so, when in actual use need to take two tablets each time, and insist on taking every morning and evening once a day. Second, who cannot eat tomson health R s lotus leaf tea polyphenols piece while the weight loss products have very good effect in help to lose weight, however, this does not mean that everyone is fit for taking it, if you have heart problems or serious rhythm of the heart is not complete, the presence of liver and kidney dysfunction, epilepsy, or central nervous function injury, blood sugar and blood pressure is serious imbalance, breast-feeding women, or pregnant women or minors should avoid taking it, in addition, during the period of cold or take other supplements or is using drugs conditions are friends to avoid eating it. Above is known as tomson health R s lotus leaf tea polyphenols and not appropriate crowd, recommend when selecting a weight loss products to help you lose weight, be sure to find really suitable for their own weight loss products, only in this way, you can ensure that the weight loss, must be avoided when taking quick buck.
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