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Thin want to gain weight is to eat protein powder or add muscle powder good detailed explanation protein powder add muscle powder is suitable for the crowd

by:Shine High     2020-05-30
Although many women are trying to slim down, but also need to lean right is perfect; Some men are very thin, also belong to how eat not all fat, can't give women the so-called sense of security. Actually thin friends want to gain weight besides sports need to cooperate with some nutrition health products, but it want to gain weight is to eat protein powder or add muscle powder good? A, want to choose the add muscle weight thin powder protein powder and gain belong to two different products, the difference is to add muscle powder of composition mainly contains whey protein and carbohydrates, and protein powder, whey protein is the main ingredient. Inside muscle generation process requires a whey protein and a lot of energy and heat, so thin people want to gain weight select add muscle powder, the effect will be better. Protein powder suitable for obese people after the movement, if choose to add muscle powder, then there will be a muscle a knot in one's growing, it does not belong to the category of beauty. Second, protein powder, protein powder is suitable for use crowd ingredient contains high protein and low carbohydrate, can give the body effectively and timely supply of protein, thus for muscle repair and growth provides enough energy and raw materials, so basically all people want to increase muscle is the use of the protein powder. Need to pay attention to suit to use protein powder may not suitable for use to add muscle, people at the time of purchase products to clear their own needs and pay attention to the distinction can generally increase muscle powder and protein powder from descriptions found in one of the fundamental differences. 3, add muscle powder take time in sport or professional training process, will be constantly pulling muscles, muscle fibers will be affected by different degree of damage, at the same time, it is costly in terms of muscle glycogen. Want to repair damaged muscle fiber need to be rich in protein, want to restore the body muscle glycogen storage to add enough carbohydrates, so advise people within 30 minutes before the campaign for his efforts to add muscle powder. For exercise more friends, of course, half an hour after the exercise can increase muscle powder, replenish but need to pay attention to add muscle powder can not take a long time, need to take a course, after a month or so. Protein powder and gain the difference we have a general understanding, advising people to combine their own actual situation to choose suitable products, these two products need to cooperate with professional training can play a better role, is not a fool type products, so don't put on weight and muscle growth is to add muscle powder.
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