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Their diet to eat it is necessary to use dietary supplements?

by:Shine High     2021-01-15

in general, the general advice is everyday do a balanced diet, so don't have to eat, what vitamin can get adequate nutrition.

but some people for reasons of force majeure such as work too busy, such as difficult to buy food again, really have no way to achieve a balanced diet. This time can consider to eat some supplements ( How to choose back) 。

but also some special nutritional needs of people, such as pregnant women, such as folic acid must fill; If you are a vegetarian, vitamin B12 eat, if you are elderly, 50 years of age or older, vitamin B12 may still want to eat.

again from the figures, the proportion of vitamin D deficiency is really high. Even in nutrition condition is very good in the Beijing area, winter and spring in the proportion of all kinds of vitamin D deficiency has reached more than 50%. How vitamin B

vitamin B group including vitamin B1, B2, vitamin B6, B12, folic acid.

the question of B vitamins, they often in many supplements dose is very large, but these water-soluble vitamins can be metabolized through the urine, a little supplement also won't have too much harm.

but still that sentence, if you can normal balanced diet, every day to eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains, can satisfy the demand of vitamin B group. Especially whole grains, in addition to the B vitamins, also can supplement minerals, phytosterols and dietary fiber. Ensure the whole grain roughage intake can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. How many vitamin C


vitamin C someone will think it can cure-all. It is closely related to immune function, but it is a bit exaggerated cure-all. If eat enough vegetables and fruits every day, in fact, also need not add.

but it is there are some people, no Fried green vegetables a day, or you can't buy lots of fruits and vegetables, such cases from 100 to 200 mg per day of vitamin C supplements are beneficial.

but also no need to much, you already had some research related to the SARS period, found that the animals found in the chicken feed Riga vitamin C to see its immune index, found that is not added, the better, is it in a reasonable scope add will be good.

in the United States generally recommended, is about a woman 75 mg is enough, 90 milligrams for men. China is the recommended amount of 100 milligrams, this gap is that the Chinese eat vegetables it will fire, heat will be lost after some.

a lot of people like the effervescent tablets, a dose of reached 500 mg 1 g, even can increase the risk of urinary tract calculi. At the same time effervescent tablets would use the sodium bicarbonate, sodium, also is not very good for cardiovascular. Don't recommend to eat effervescent tablets.

related: vitamin C or new crown pneumonia can be cured? Everyday how to complement vitamin C?

natural vitamins are better?

said to vitamin C someone will ask, price higher natural vitamin C supplements will better? What this money is not necessary to spend, drugstore some a few bucks a bottle of vitamin C effect is very good, all kinds of active ingredients of vitamin C supplements is completely the same. Vitamin C is not the more expensive the better. ( Individual process will make vitamin C absorption rate slower, but on the market is very rare.

is natural vitamin E configuration, but there are differences. But generally don't recommend you to additional alone taking vitamin E supplements. Mainly because of high content of vitamin E in vegetable oils, while ordinary people every day of cooking oil to put a lot of. So the crowd of inadequate intake of vitamin E about less than 10%, unlike the lack of several nutrients in front of the person more.

what people should eat calcium tablet

calcium tablet in general are not necessary, because the calcium tablet easily by drinking milk added. Add a small cup of yogurt drink a glass of milk, every day to eat much vegetables, you had enough calcium. There is no need for extra calcium. And common milk can, there is no need to drink high calcium milk. However, many adolescent children, sometimes calcium intake is not enough.

general recommendation adolescence children calcium intake of 1300 mg per day, equal to the amount more than women, but in fact many children don't get into the habit of drinking three cups of milk a day, I personally think adolescence children can eat some calcium tablet. Composite supplements like

you can also eat some compound vitamin mineral supplements during this time, a lot of kinds of components inside. My general advice is to buy foreign 'ordinary food grade products, mainly is the high cost performance.

but also has faults, foreign also contains iodine supplement. And our country is to add iodine in table salt system, in addition to pregnant women, again eat iodine supplements, ordinary people could iodine intake too much, to pay attention to the products of selected does not contain iodine.

the other men, generally do not recommend to fill additional too much iron. Iron is very important, especially women, due to reasons such as bleeding, a lot of people have iron deficiency anemia, there will be a lack of power, and so on. But men if there is excessive intake of iron, it is easy to increase the oxidative stress, for your heart health.

| eat health products 'immunity'?

one plus two days before I WeChat teacher, from a ninety s, when I was a little boy, I have eaten 'immunity' of health care products, said the agency in her with me.

I was holding the archaeological and nostalgic mood has looked at the material, found that these experiments done very rough, some mice, some preliminary antiviral, anti-infection experiment. This and the people eat the health food can prevent disease effects are not the same.
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