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The value of health care products, how to describe it?

by:Shine High     2021-01-17

social evaluation of health care products mixed in nearly a year, some health care products that regulate the body, regulate metabolism, improve immune best helper, also some people say that health is a concept, profiteering industry, no effect, psychological effect is greater than the actual effect. So what about the value of health care products? # # health care

health products into China has nearly 30 years, the media hype, advertising marketing, marketing, experience marketing, service marketing and other marketing model, which is in the health food industry rise and transformation are generalized to other industries, for the entire business society, health care products industry, is the mainstay industry. Health care products, of course, also is the inevitable outcome of the social development, is just for goods of people's life, is constantly changing people's life, has become a new industry in today's society.

most health care products are the valuable Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials of medicine food homology, layers of examination and approval by the relevant state departments, self-check, inspection department inspection qualified, out of the country through the use of advanced processing technology, production and processing, the raw material cost, cost patent formula, production technology, production cost and testing cost, and so on, all need a lot of money, manpower and material resources.

health products have specific health functions, each function is by the relevant authorities after clinical validation and reported to the approval. Appropriate population, there is a corresponding problems, can play the corresponding health care function. Such as vitamin selenium, the person's body can't synthesis itself, but the selenium content in food at ordinary times very less, and most parts of China are short of selenium, so can only supplement in vitro, selenium products the best choice is to eat health food. Again such as ginseng antler oral liquid, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is congenital, kidney and blood stasis, blood stasis was born. Filling kidney food in daily life, such as ginseng, if eat ginseng price is high, but the effect is not necessarily good. Speak unilaterally a not medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, also some people speak unilaterally a piss famous doctor. So the best way is to seek compound, have certain health care function of health care products become the best choice.

prevention than treatment value of health care products, health care products to existing disease nursing and relief is limited, but prevention is better than cure, if to disease prevention, health care products of value is more obvious. For example, we prevent a cold how to do? Won't someone afraid of cold, take medicine to prevent colds. The best option is to pay attention to daily life rule, conditional can be combined with inside and outside, inside, through diet nutrition health products, outside, through the establishment of a healthy lifestyle, so as to achieve the purpose of improving immunity, finally has a good immunity, prevent colds is the best choice.

health products we mainly focus on the effect, but this effect shouldn't be working like film of face of a stick, to stick to for a long time, in addition to psychological effect, Placebo has effect, and is a Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials of health care products) 。 Value you can say that, from now on you to maintain, as for their own investment, other old have presbyopia three highs as they age, you still flexible hands, eyes bright, then you can also do many other friends are hard to do things, this is to spend how many money can't buy at that time.

health products has been very life, pregnant women to take folic acid can prevent fetal malformation, neural tube development occurred folic acid supplementation can reduce the incidence of stroke patients with high blood pressure, the elderly calcium supplementation can effectively prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis and comorbidities, including some vitamin intake will be beneficial for certain people.

so, I want to tell you, health food is helpful for certain people, but health care products can't instead of drugs, and everybody more cannot ignore a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.
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