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【 The truth. Can eat l-carnitine weight loss

by:Shine High     2020-09-07
L-carnitine is supposed to be known as the most weight loss ingredients, whether it is pure l-carnitine l-carnitine capsule or coffee, is the use of l-carnitine to burn fat, achieve the effect of thin body can eat l-carnitine weight loss? Actually the truth often existed in science, you don't blindly believe exaggerated businessman. What is l-carnitine l-carnitine was in 1905 when, by Russian scientists Gulewitsch and Krimberg found in meat extract. Is a kind of white of the lens. So it is called 'carnitine. L-carnitine has a twin sister named 'right-handed carnitine,' that there is only one difference between two things: structure on a spin to the left, one to the right, the mirror image. As a result, people called them separately when naming left-handed and right-handed. These two things only a left-handed that have an effect on the human body. Its specific role is related to fat metabolism. The body to use the energy stored in the fat, fat are first decomposed into fatty acid fat, this small molecule and then convey fatty acids to the mitochondria, mitochondrial is compared to the 'power plants' of the human body, where fat burn reaction and oxidation of fat, release energy. However, fatty acids, oneself can't run into mitochondria, the need to have transportation to send it in. L-carnitine is the fatty acids in the 'shenzhou car'. So, l-carnitine is really very important, without it, we will not be able to burn fat for energy. Above the process also is l-carnitine is called in the theoretical basis to lose weight. The truth: the same is not a necessary nutrients the human body is very clever, it is not easily let s so important things out of stock. Because l-carnitine is to use lysine and methionine these two kinds of amino acid synthesis, and these two amino acids is very, very unusual, we can easily in a lot of food intake. We usually eat a lot of food all contains l-carnitine, especially meat, dairy products, the most abundant in content. For example: 100 g beef containing about 90 milligrams of l-carnitine. A person as long as the normal diet, every day will be able to get about 60 - from the food 180 mg of l-carnitine, this is enough. Our body also has the function of automatic adjustment for l-carnitine if insufficient automatically added synthetic accumulation, if the excess will automatically drained off. The body of keeping the reserve of l-carnitine in the normal level. Even if you go in for additional, also can be the body excrete, produced the urine 'expensive'. The truth: l-carnitine collocation exercise to lose weight a lot of l-carnitine weight loss products are wrote: taking l-carnitine with exercise. So a lot of people think they had no effect, the manufacturer will say you not enough relationships. Had animal experiments showed that under the condition of high intensity exercise, even taking l-carnitine to animals, and can't help to lose weight it further. The portion of the weight is the result of the movement. L-carnitine is currently on the international conference on nutrition is defined as 'multi-functional nutritional', therefore it and weight loss are not related. L-carnitine is not medicine reducing weight, just a carrier enzyme. If you want to by eating l-carnitine weight loss, eating is lying down, so the zero motion law reducing weight is basically will not succeed.
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