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The simplest reduced fat tip

by:Shine High     2021-01-18

to reduce lipid supplements, always believe that everyone knows I attitude is not recommended, That doesn't mean that use the will of course have what bad influence, it is not necessary to demonize) Because it will affect you to seize the real key, and secondly is the vast majority of fat loss supplements on the market is really not worth buying. There is either no or only a placebo effect, or even useful is limited, the price is too low, that in addition to using supplements, and any effective and simple way to lose fat?

it is to learn the right to drink water!

the importance of water, as you know, after all, 60 - of the body Is 70% water and 72 hours of hydration will not because of severe dehydration and death, how can those fat loss supplements on the market than? I want to say is, however, such important functions in addition to maintain life activities, drink water more can indeed on the two key factors in reducing fat, far more than what you think would be more effective fat loss supplements.

are two key factors are:

1. Help to increase calorie consumption

2. Help reduce calorie intake

water how to help you increase the quantity of heat to use up?

drinking more water can promote the metabolism of that everybody is not strange, some people may not think it's no use, how much does the metabolism of impossible or bring decisive effect obviously, but put up Numbers to really, you will find that the effect is more significant than you might think.

studies have shown that brought to drink two litres of water a day increased metabolism may reach 400000 kilojoules, approximately equal to help us to consume 96 calories, you may feel is not much, a familiar with caffeine raise metabolic edge tool to compare how much you know a lot of water on the spectrum.

the following research suggests that in 12 hours, every 2 hours 8-100 mg of caffeine intake could bring 11% of the RMR. Simple to calculate, for an RMR resting metabolic rate is 1800 kcal of adults, in accordance with the 12 hours caffeine during the day, and the remaining 12 hours not intake ( Sleep time, and tend not to consume caffeine before bedtime, and research has shown that caffeine metabolism improve in 12 hours outside the experiment did not last) , so it can bring us heat consumption will increase in 70 - About 110 calories.

given for normal adults, daily caffeine intake should be no higher than 300 - 400 mg, that is, in general we will not achieve the caffeine intake in the test every day, so in real life, the caffeine calorie consumption increase compared to the normal heat consumption of drinking water every day, apparently no advantage. ( Drink coffee, of course, the other says, after all, and caffeine and water) And drink lots of water on the price as well as the possible side effects and those of caffeine.

water and how to help you reduce calories?

bring plenty of water on this effect is more obvious, the first point, drinking water can help you to reduce food intake. Water contains no calories and can bring fullness, so at each drink a glass of water before eating, can help us to reduce calorie intake. Studies have shown that if you can eat in a day before, Under the condition of three meals a day) Through the water to suppress appetite, one day can eat less at most 225 kilocalorie, and this kind of heat to reduce, is equivalent to the us for half an hour more than the effect of aerobic exercise.

over the course of the study, there were two groups of dieters, a set of drink 500 ml of water before each meal, a group of before a meal is not to drink water, and the results show that before a meal and drink water more people than people without water weight decreased by 44%.

the second point, water can replace a heat drink. If without water, so your daily water sources tend to be those who have the caloric beverages, whether more is less, the calorie intake often is not necessary. ( Indeed the choice of sugar-free drinks now very much, also gradually become a pandemic, but overall most of the water intake or recommended by water)

the third point, drinking water can 'zongzi'. In reduced fat may be the most difficult resistance hunger and desire for food, and our brain will be thirsty and hungry often confused together, so when you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first, probably can well solve the problem.

fourth, drinking water can help ease the bad feelings. In many cases, we experience anxiety, fatigue, upset, may be related to a lack of moisture, maintain adequate hydration, to promote positive emotions, reduce stress. Some people might also in this case chose to eat some dessert snacks, but if you can get similar effect by water, that why ACTS up trouble for yourself?

so, before you consider to use any fat loss supplements, must first make sure you have absorbed enough moisture, and is often the case, often in the diet and training pass, drinking more water can be the most effective help reduce fat extra weapon.

are you also don't know our muscles is about 80% water, and also contains 70 - in cartilage 75% water, thus ensuring the daily intake enough water to maintain optimal hydration can help us better growth of muscle and joint health. At the same time to ensure the normal operation of daily water intake for our intestines and stomach and mental state would be very good, therefore wants to good health, drink more water is also essential.

as for the need to drink much water every day, the passage of eight glasses of water a day still more general advice clearly, which based on each person's age food intake weight daily activity and so on has a huge difference, in general, in the absence of a large activity per kilogram of body weight in 30 ml of water intake will be a good reference value.
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