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The rapid growth of the male diet principles of muscle

by:Shine High     2020-05-09
Add muscle besides without movement, diet is also must pay attention to a key. Reasonable food is tie-in, replenish nutrition, can make the body more robust. Therefore, the rapid growth of the male principle should pay attention to diet, so as to better diet and exercise are tie-in, achieve the result of rapid increase muscle. One should pay attention to 'eat' growth, rapid increase muscle muscle volume is an art, training and scientific nutrition combination in muscle can stimulate its recovery and growth. 'Practice' to practice scientifically, reasonable 'eat' to eat. So how do you eat is reasonable? The rapid growth of the two, muscle diet principle 1, heat wants enough, you must first find out the total quantity of heat needed for your body every day, and then from that on the basis of increased 5% 20% of the calories. You can be with your weight gradually increased calorie intake. You will find a lot of heat, so it is not realistic to three meals a day. We suggest that people who want to add muscle distributing the total quantity of heat to 5 - 6. Those who work busy or can't eat a lot of things people can use protein powder drink with fruit as snacks. It can also help the body had been assimilated in state, also is to let the body muscle protein nitrogen was positively in equilibrium state, so as to continuously maintain the assimilation of state, or the whole body muscle will be in loss of decomposition. Daily 5 - 6, can steadily to your muscle protein, accelerate muscle repair and recovery. Quickly add muscle diet principle 2, plenty of protein. Muscle growth need adequate intake of raw material, in order to meet the growth of muscle, protein intake should be 1. 6 - 2 g/kg body weight/day. General fitness if you want to add muscle effectively and control the growth of the fat, in the daily diet can choose less fat or moderate food, such as skinless chicken, lean beef, fish, such as meat, low-fat milk and egg white. On the other hand, good protein powder can effectively help increase muscle and it does not increase fat. In addition, there are some people who constitution naturally thin, it's not easy to eat more meat. Such people usually metabolic rate high, often insufficient caloric intake. Suggest this kind of person to eat a little more, or you can eat a little more fat protein foods, such as chicken, steak, whole eggs, whole milk, duck, pork, etc. 3, plenty of carbohydrates. When the gain stage only eat complex carbohydrates or low glycemic carbohydrates is not clear choice. Because of complex carbohydrates such as rice, sweet potatoes, cereals etc. Will make your stomach feel full and not enough calories intake. During add muscle, we can eat more simple or high sugar carbohydrates, such as white rice, potatoes, bread noodle dishes, this also allows you to easily meet your needs, also not too full. Don't eat not fat man in the world, people only eat less, if you can do to eat five meals a day, interval of 2 - every meal 2. 5 hours, 3 months down not fat to define yourself is not late again. 4, the right amount of fat, increase muscle during don't completely reject fat. First of all, we should distinguish somewhat to the stand or fall of fat: we want to avoid intake of saturated fat and trans fatty acids. Good fat ( 健康的脂肪) Also is not saturated fatty acid can help to maintain testosterone level and promote the growth of muscle growth hormone, so that you gain the effect will be more obvious. Recommend food sources: peanut, almond, avocado, olive oil and so on than animal fats. Three, add muscle powder rapid increase muscle increase muscle powder is a kind of advanced high quantity of heat of sports nutrition supplements, it is in accordance with the scientific method to carry on the design, to help you to achieve the purpose of gain as soon as possible. It can provide protein, carbon, fat and other important can increase muscle volume and amount of nutrients.
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