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The harm of teenagers eat add muscle powder 【 Note 】 These two kinds of people are not suitable for eating gain powder

by:Shine High     2020-04-10
Around us there are a lot of people are taking increase muscle powder to increase muscle purpose, while the effect of gain powder is recognized by the broad masses of friends, but not everyone can add muscle powder on, if it is not suitable for people to take to add muscle powder or improper operation method, can be harmful to the body. Teenagers can take add muscle powder? Teenagers eat add muscle powder, what's the harm? What is the harm of teenagers eat add muscle powder with health bit whey protein, for example, the instruction have specific provision, minors taking please consult a physician ( Check the manual) To see a minor or do not recommend taking. If you want to give a minor, please call 400 - 189 - There are ten years experience of nutritionists 1399 for consultation. Why do teenagers do not fit to eat add muscle powder? Because of increased protein powder mainly is to help the human body, and for 16 years old minor teens and children, is not to need to add so much protein, if teenagers want to protein, can completely through the reasonable collocation to supplement your diet, and renal function of teenagers are still not fully developed, if eat add muscle powder, it may lead to too much protein in the body, this will affect the normal operation of the function of the kidney, is harmful to the body, so suggest that teenagers don't eat add muscle powder to make proteins. But gain powder is very suitable for fitness crowd, especially health bit classic series of whey protein, high content of high quality whey protein + is low in fat, only add muscle does not increase fat, is the founder of the muscle. At present in the purple one mall per month more than 5000 cans of sell like hot cakes, and this month and buy 2 cans, promotion of minus 40 yuan if you want to add muscle, this product is a good choice. Enter the page of purchase & gt;>> Obese people are not suitable for eating gain powder in general obese people in the body fat content is higher, for those who are obese, should pay more attention to fitness control diet, aerobics to lose body fat by doing it, instead of using the powder add muscle to replenish the body's proteins, there is no need. Patients with high blood pressure are not suitable for eating after add muscle powder because taking gain may lead to we increase serotonin in the body, cause our blood flow speed will increase, so if it is taken in patients with hypertensive disease, can increase the pressure of the blood vessels, will bring the body unwell, is of no benefit to the body, we should pay more attention to. Warm prompt: although the effect of gain powder is very good, but you must pay attention to when taking to do related matters needing attention, before taking the best, take a look at the instructions first, know use method, taking the forbidden, the matters needing attention during the, although the dangers of gain powder is not as serious as some drug side effects, but blindly use may also cause harm for our health, that I hope you know.
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