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The harm of l-carnitine reveal several big harm of l-carnitine

by:Shine High     2020-07-05
Weight loss is the ultimate goal of life, each person women when it comes to women generally can unceasing to lose weight. With the development of recent years, straight into the army in the line of sight to lose weight, because it can promote fat burning, and popular. So for exercise for weight loss may be eaten l-carnitine. But many do not know l-carnitine also has certain harm. The harm of l-carnitine: 1. Actually, in other words the same is also a stimulant, it can promote human body excited, if is the person who sleep quality is bad after taking the rhythm of the heart may be too fast, can also affect the sleep. 2. Some people eat after l-carnitine, will also have the phenomenon of dizziness, nausea, blood pressure rises in the heart, heart, tachycardia, arrhythmia serious phenomenon will occur, otherwise there will be angina pectoris would endanger life. Brain spin the principle of carnitine: l-carnitine distribution almost all cells in the human body, and the use of fat body is the carrier in the process of a kind of fat burning, body get energy by burning fat, and burn the fat is in the cell's energy factories, done in mitochondria, but fat can't automatically to the mitochondria, and l-carnitine like car, reprinted to turn fat into the mitochondria, if you want to enjoy a really can burn fat, that would be wrong, if human don't exercise, the function of l-carnitine is not started, so the same lack of sufficient scientific evidence to lose weight. Not only that, but excessive taking l-carnitine and threat to health and burden, taking too much may cause a certain pressure to the liver and kidney. So everyone in the process of reducing weight, do not blindly in order to achieve slimming drugs, drug toxicity is, taking too much can lead to physical injury, no effect reducing weight not only, but to itself to unnecessary trouble, if you want to healthy weight loss, also must pay attention to healthy diet and reasonable sports, to play a real healthy slimming and beauty.
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