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The difference between whey protein powder to add muscle should be how to reasonable use

by:Shine High     2020-09-06
Now many people often points not clear fitness eat protein powder and gain the difference? Then what is the difference between the protein powder add muscle? How to distinguish? For fitness enthusiasts, how to choose the right to use add muscle powder, protein powder. Will directly affect the training effect of fitness. Below we will protein powder from various perspectives and gain powder are compared, in order to help us better choice is more suitable for their own nutritional supplements. One, from the composition add muscle powder, protein powder is the difference between gain powder ingredients: on the basis of protein powder added more proportion of carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals, a heat gain powder is usually more than 600 calories, some gain powder heat even in more than 1000 calories, protein content in 25% 35%. Whey protein powder add muscle in muscle technology platinum 3 pounds, for example, the heat to 1010 calories, and 41 g protein contains only a little, is a very classic gain powder. Look at its mouth. Protein powder ingredients: protein powder mainly of protein and amino acid, the quantity of heat of a protein powder is usually within the 250 calories, protein content can reach more than 85%. Similarities: they are all concentrated extract. Add muscle powder and protein powder is the protein, carbohydrate, sugar, vitamins and essential amino acids and other ingredients. Difference: the difference is that carbon cyclization of water content and the proportion of protein. Add muscle powder contains high quantity of heat, carbohydrates, sugar and medium amount of protein, basically add muscle powder in the proportion of carbohydrate and protein in the 2-1 - Between 3:1. While the protein powder is a high quality protein. Second, the essential difference between protein powder and increase muscle gain powder features: in general, are for a physique thin, and in the early ( Add muscle) Fitness enthusiasts, it is recommended to use add muscle powder is better. When is the best time to eat: 1. Increased muscle powder can be get up or take time after training. 2. Gain the best use of their time in training, because the intensity of training, glycogen reserve of human consumption itself, this time in carbohydrate intake is needed to restore glycogen reserve, if carbohydrate intake is proper, the body's glycogen reserves will be back in 3 hours. 3. Try to avoid taking at bedtime, because before going to bed on a high heat gain powder will improve the growth of fat chance. Also not suitable for use in the evening to add muscle powder, because add muscle powder contains carbohydrates can stimulate insulin secretion from the human body, make human body energy metabolism to reduce, cause adipose accumulation, will be more or less affect sleep. Protein powder features: for those who tend to get fat or in phase to lose fat, or suggest eating more protein, in reducing fat, control calorie intake is the key, in this time paragraph is not recommended to add muscle powder. When is the best time to eat? 1. Take no special requirements for protein powder, get up, after the training, before sleeping is a very good time. 2. Bedtime using protein powder can be in a state of sleep continue to supply the body with amino acids to muscle in repair and growth condition, at the same time, there won't be any burden of digestion. For experienced fitness enthusiasts will have protein powder and increase muscle at the same time, to understand their needs and characteristics, in different periods with different supplements. This is the path to success! Fitness needs to use the right way and perseverance, so you will see the good result. Rather than useless practice under the wrong way.
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