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The difference between whey protein powder and protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-04-07
Whey protein powder and protein powder on the name of it, the similarity is very high, and according to everyone's understanding, their main ingredients are protein, should be no different. Actually from opal content, materials, proportion on they have the difference, what is the difference between whey protein powder and protein powder, small make up will give you a good analytical analysis. A, what is a whey protein powder whey protein powder is a kind of has double characteristics of protein nutrition health food. Is the so-called, whey powder, every day a cup, a bit more health! Whey protein powder, enhance immunity, help digestion, absorption, resistance to fatigue, is the human growth, development, the essence of life such as anti-aging substance. Whey protein powder supplement our main protein in the body. But too much protein intake, but not a waste, and also is to have harm to human body health, because protein breakdown products accumulate in the body can affect the normal liver and kidney function and low immunity, including excessive intake of animal protein will trigger a heart attack. In addition, eating too much protein can increase the risk of cancer. Protein powder (2) what is a protein powder, protein powder, the purification of the lack of methionine soy protein or casein protein, whey protein, or peas, or several kinds of protein aggregates. A protein. Basic composition unit is amino acids, there are more than 20 amino acids associated with human body; Amino acid composition, quantity and spatial structure of peptides, the formation of tens of thousands of proteins. Adults from dietary intake of eight kinds of amino acid, for nine children, called essential amino acids. Third, the difference between whey protein powder and protein powder is some different between the two components, and functions have different emphasis: 1. Whey protein powder from soy protein, whey protein, milk protein concentrate quality of high quality protein and calcium phosphate, designed for basic nutrition protein supplement for people, belong to the supplements, and health care products, for physical quality is bad, this is very useful. 2, and whey protein powder is for the use of body building exercise muscle, protein content of 84. 7%, the best quality of animal protein, cooperate with creatine together to eat, and a dumbbell exercise and strenuous exercise can produce extremely muscular topic. To add that the protein powder is divided into vegetable protein powder and whey protein powder, vegetable protein powder, soybean protein, and for the people is not good for health for nutritional supplements, whey protein comes from animal extract.
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