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The advantage of l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule

by:Shine High     2020-06-29
L-carnitine decides the human body fat, body building and aging, but once upon a time, but we ignored it. So, a lot of people were punished. Whether you fat? If you weak? If you stain wrinkle? Do you often sick? That is because - — You've been missing accelerate fat burning vitamin - — L-carnitine. Red meat is L - Carnitine major source of food, but the average person can only from dietary intake of 50 mg, vegetarians eat less. So, obese and vegetarian, especially women, need more l-carnitine of exogenous additions. 1, reduce fat not only reduce water s box is not the same as the other weight loss products, the effect of l-carnitine is to help fat burning, heat, so can reduce fat, no less water, so as not to cause weight drops rapidly after taking, quick rebound phenomenon after stopping. L-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule 2, what are the advantages of doubling the effect of exercise for weight loss exercise for weight loss when fat into fatty acids, provide heat to the body, the body produces a large amount of lactic acid after exercise at the same time, cause muscle soreness. After taking l-carnitine fat burning speed is accelerated, lactic acid is not easy to accumulate in the body, make exercise to lose weight more easily. 3, reduce weight the safest l-carnitine is fundamentally a vitamin of the human body, the body's own also synthesize, only few in number, baby milk powder and milk powder inside contain l-carnitine, l-carnitine without any side effects, so even than the recommended dosage is (more than ten times 5 a day - 10 g) Nor is there any adverse reaction. More l-carnitine related: & gt;>> L-carnitine take tea polyphenols method & gt;>> What was the source of l-carnitine weight loss what principle is the earliest & gt;>> L-carnitine weight loss is not for everyone & gt;>> L-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule have any side effects
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