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Suitable for fitness of 7 kinds of the best supplements for men

by:Shine High     2021-01-21

if you are a hardcore strength training, or, with emphasis on the physical fitness athletes, and even a long distance rider, all the training need to be slightly different nutrients to supplement.

if you still feel dull or tired after exercise in the morning, you can consider taking the seven nutritionists recommend supplements to get what you need to supplement.

if you often feel very tired, and consider taking: vitamin B complex and vitamin D multivitamin

in theory, your diet should be good enough, in order to obtain all the necessary macro and micronutrients. Make sure you find a contain vitamin B complex compounds, help regulate the nervous system, and ensure that your body effectively metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

1。 Caffeine

in most cases, before any supplementary exercise supplement is the most effective components in caffeine. Caffeine can help reduce the specified movement perception of the movement - This means that compared with the same exercise without caffeine boost, feel more easily.

2。 Carbohydrate supplement

in the process of exercise, can benefit from carbohydrate supplement. These supplements are usually in the form of purified glucose polymer, under pressure to glucose to the muscles. They are especially useful in training for a long time.

3。 Creatine

creatine is a kind of help muscle cells to produce ATP organic acid, exercise can be turned into more energy available, it can increase your biggest strength.

4。 Fatty acids

a lot of scientific evidence, salmon, nuts, and the seed of 'good fats' is absolutely necessary for the health of the body - Especially for active people, fatty acid can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, thus reducing the muscle soreness after exercise, it is especially effective for endurance athletes, because of their long training will produce more oxidative stress.

if you are added protein powder, consider taking probiotics. Most people don't know 'probiotics can not only reduce inflammation, also can improve the absorption of protein, can even improve your mood.

if you don't sleep well, considering added: magnesium

similar to vitamin D, magnesium in human body parts is responsible for all sorts of cell functions, including the bones, muscles and the brain, which is to help your body get the restorative sleep - a key factor A good night's sleep is converted into an excellent recovery. Taking magnesium before bed is the best time of 30 - absolutely 60 minutes.
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