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Quickly add muscle nutrition and exercise the method of combining

by:Shine High     2020-06-21
Quickly add muscle is more and more people demand now, a lot of friends went to the gym for the membership card, high-spirited want to build a strong and handsome muscles. But in the end all have no result, why? No professional coaching, everybody usually deviate from the direction of the muscle, increasing or training method is wrong, or nutrition can't keep up. Quickly add muscle, the method of combination of nutrition and exercise. The rapid growth of the only in this way can you see the effect of the muscle.     A, add muscle need nutrition 1, supply enough heat for the body in order to promote muscle growth, heat taken eight must achieve more than 50 kcal/kg bw/day, if a 75 kg men, want to rapid growth in a short time the weight, you need every day eight of heat of 3750 kilocalorie, the heat can not only meet the energy needs of the basic function organization, organ, provide enough heat for the synthesis of muscle. Suggest to add muscle lovers eat 4 daily - 5, when the job is to rest and after exercise, or before going to bed, can be appropriately food intake. 2, meat, and carbohydrates that nots allow to ignore a lot of lovers add muscle attaches great importance to the complement of proteins, but neglected the carbohydrates ( Staple food) The intake. Gain the daily intake of at least 400 - 500 grams of staple food such as bread, rice, steamed buns, noodles, etc. , the main nutrients for carbohydrate food. Be worth what carry is, the fruit also contains a certain amount of carbohydrates, add muscle during meals, eat some fruit after exercise, such as bananas, grapes, etc. , to increase the carbohydrate intake. Meals a carbohydrate energy rate to reach 60%. Carbohydrate is the main body, is also the most direct, the most economical energy source material. Proper carbohydrate intake can not only provide enough high quality energy for exercise, can also be the muscle of the strength training in decomposition proportion of power to a minimum. Rapid increase muscles need protein 3, protein is an important material in the recipe of muscle synthesis, almost every meal is of high quality protein, such as breakfast of eggs, egg white, lunch and dinner, beef, chicken and so on, as well as whey protein drinks and rippling muscles powder after motion, these foods are the main source of protein. The main composition is protein, muscle?> have ample supply of protein will not be able to set up muscle fiber structure, muscle is hard to strong, even muscle protein will decompose due to too much training. 4, trace elements to the demand of strengthening micronutrient though rarely, but not only cannot be ignored, it should be emphasized. Such as vitamin B vitamin B1, B2, B6, and energy metabolism and protein, amino acid metabolism have close relations, including vitamin B6 is catalytic many amino acids the enzyme cofactors, these enzymes in plays an important role in the metabolism of protein, trace elements of chromium have reduced fat increase muscle function, is to promote body fat burning at the same time, can promote the growth of muscle protein. Therefore, add muscle lovers need to strengthen the trace elements, such as increasing the diversity of food, avoid partial eclipse, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, etc. 5, appropriate edible powder add muscle to promote muscle creatine synthesis factors and the proportion of carbohydrates in 1:7 to supplement, absorption effect is best. Immediately after exercise training in accordance with the proportion of protein and carbohydrate 1:4 intake, the body can absorb well used, more quickly eliminate fatigue. Rippling muscles powder is to add muscle nutrients needed according to the proportion of science are combined, thus gain effect is remarkable. Second, add muscle you need to do to anaerobic exercise refers to the muscle under the status of 'oxygen' vigorous exercise at a high speed. Anaerobic exercise for the most part load intensity is high, the moments of strong motion, so it is difficult to continue for a long time, and eliminate fatigue time is slow. The biggest characteristic of anaerobic exercise is: movement when oxygen intake is very low. Because of too fast and too hard power sugar too late after the oxygen in the body break, and had to rely on 'anaerobic power'. This games generate too much lactic acid in the body, and cause the muscle fatigue and unsustainable, feel muscle soreness after exercise, shortness of breath. Muscle recovery for 48 ~ 72 hours, so before muscles have fully recovered to exercising the same muscles is of no effect, on the contrary will influence exercise effect. Generally in the larger muscle exercise at the same time have a little muscle to participate in sports, this case, as long as the participation of muscle exercise is the best effect on the same day. Group number, the number of requirements, big muscle group 3 ~ 4, 6 ~ 10 times, 3 ~ 4, 2 ~ 3 small muscle group, 8 ~ 12 times, 2 ~ 3 action. Big muscles include: chest muscle, the latissimus dorsi, abs, legs. In the early training must be appropriate to reduce weight, increase the quantity. Exercise number of times in each group is to point to: a one-time can complete, such as your breath can do 30 push-ups as a group, according to the requirement to exhaustion in each group can only make 8 ~ 12, you will need to load in your body, make you have pressure to do less than 30, most can only do 8 to 12. Each do a set of rest between 60 to 90 seconds, in training interval of 2 ~ 3 minutes rest, a total amount of exercise for 45 to 60 minutes advisable, but not more than 90 minutes. Need to warm up for 5 ~ 10 minutes before the movement after 15 to 30 minutes (100 grams of food supplements 1 skim, 1 ~ 2 egg white bread) 。
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