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Quickly add muscle food bodybuilders strongly recommended

by:Shine High     2020-06-21
If growth is normal muscle, it takes a long time, so is there a way to add muscle quickly? Add muscle fast food, bodybuilders strongly recommended. Now people pursuit of rapid, efficient, small make up tell you exercise and nutrition, is, indeed, to achieve rapid increase muscle, not enough nutrition recommends eating gain powder, so that more comprehensive nutritional supplements.       A, add muscle powder compound formula of gain the most comprehensive and efficient. Don't have to users themselves modulation than columns, simple and use. Especially immediately after each exercise supplement energy, timely relieve muscle 'hungry', this is very important. Can effectively reduce after training, the phenomenon of muscle soreness. Add muscle fast food beef, beef, beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition close to the human body needs more than pork, can improve the body disease-resistant ability, for growth and postoperative disease rehabilitation after the supplement of blood and tissue repair is suitable; Beef is also rich in creatin, protein, trace elements zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, and vitamin b6 and b12. Especially creatine and protein, is one of the indispensable ingredients synthetic muscles. Every 100 grams of beef containing 20 g protein, trace elements zinc, potassium, etc. More than 400 mg. Three, belongs to the protein content in the chicken chicken breast meat is chicken more parts, and easy to be absorbed by human body, fast compensatory human body needs. Chicken breast contains an important role on human growth and development of phospholipid class, is Chinese dietary structure is one of the most important sources of fats and phospholipids in. Chicken breast is good, but after all is a muscle, nutritional value and chicken are roughly equal. Every 100 grams of chicken protein in the 21st. 5 grams, but trace elements content is extremely low, almost negligible. Four, the use of creatine creatine can get twice the result with half the effort on muscle growth, it is now recognized as safe and effective to add muscle nutrition, can make increase muscle lovers significantly increased lean body mass and strength. Oral creatine phosphate in the muscle creatine content increased by 20%, increase muscle power and endurance, allowing patrons to higher strength training, through the force of muscle strength, muscle circulation, promote the growth of muscle. Creatine the hose into the muscle at the same time, makes the muscle cell volume increases, is advantageous to the muscle cell absorption of amino acids, protein synthesis, increase muscle protein synthesis rate, promote muscle growth. Five, fitness drink sports drink sports drinks to complement the loss of energy consumption, water quantity of knife training and the loss of vitamins and other nutrients. Fitness drinks, for example, 50 grams of solid fitness drinks contain the quantity of heat of 232 kilocalorie, to ensure the power supply when the power exercise, avoid muscle protein decomposition power, can improve the effect of exercise more, avoid fatigue. In addition, but also contains a variety of minerals, d body drink ZhuSu and taurine, can at the same time of carbohydrate supplement and vitamin supplement electrolyte.
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