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Puritans l-carnitine what effect to have revealed the existence of the six big effect

by:Shine High     2020-06-16
Speak of the puritans l-carnitine and a lot of people will say that he heard or know, so, you know about the effect of the product itself exists whether? After investigation found small make up a lot of people don't really understand the product, so, what is this product belongs to own efficacy? Small make up today to sort out the six major efficacy, together to see what are its six major effect respectively. 1, L - to lose weight Carnitine as fatty acid b - Oxidation of key material, can remove excess fat in the body and other fatty acid residue, making for a balance of energy in cells. Carnitine in the process of weight loss really up to the world health organization ( 世卫组织) The healthy weight loss stipulated in the three criteria: no anorexia, diarrhea, lack of power. 2, eliminate the fatty liver is an important metabolic organ of lipids, the decomposition of fat, protein synthesis and metabolism in the liver, in addition to eating too much fat and fat part shipped to increasing can cause fatty liver, it is more important when lack of carnitine in the body or methyl are in short supply, long chain fatty acid oxidation obstacles, lead to excessive deposited in liver fat and fatty liver. Increase or supply carnitine, can regulate fat metabolism, promote fat - b Oxidation, fundamentally eliminate or organs in the body inside redundant adipose, currently in Switzerland, the United States and Japan and other countries have to prevent the occurrence of fatty liver with carnitine, also can be eliminated by adding carnitine to save excess fat deposition in the liver and recovery. 3, heart care the heart pumps out blood, constant motion heart cells to the energy source of at least two-thirds come from fat oxidation, carnitine key material is indispensable to fat oxidation, if lack of carnitine, the first impact is the heart. Carnitine is extremely important to the health of myocardial cells, replenish enough carnitine is advantageous to the prevention and treatment of a variety of conditions of the heart. In addition, carnitine can improve the level of high density lipoprotein in the blood, conducive to the clean, help coronary artery decreased high triglycerides. 4, anti-aging, energy is one of the biggest strength, aging cells will have enough energy is full of vitality, in the process of the aging cell energy is one of the reasons for its rapid aging, carnitine delay the process of role in the aging process, in addition to the strong carnitine can keep the immune system, so as to avoid some diseases. 5, is conducive to healthy baby s use fat as an energy source in the baby plays an important role in metabolism. Because the new baby heat production mainly rely on brown fat, and carnitine in the body of the synthetic ability is insufficient, Only 12% of adults) Must absorb exogenous carnitine, so baby. L - for baby food in our country Carnitine content is 70 - 90mg/kg。 6, other aspects s due to the oxidation power can promote fat, at the same time, change of respiratory enzyme activity and promote the body's aerobic oxidation power function. Appropriate carnitine supplementation for fatigue syndrome also has the obvious effect, in addition, the study confirms that carnitine has obvious improvement effect to male reproductive ability. Is the puritans s itself exists above six big effect, if you want to choose the right products to help reduce weight, and achieve the purpose of protect the heart and against aging, so might as well try it and see whether the weight loss products can meet their own needs, if you need to be sure to find a formal way.
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