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Protein powder which brand gain good effect

by:Shine High     2020-04-15
Protein powder is very much on market now, so the quality is uneven, in order to avoid you buy do not conform to the standard of inferior product, we need to know the information of egg white powder. Protein powder which brand gain effect is good, it helps to know that the raw material, different protein absorption rate are also different, the first thing we need to make sure that is the problem that the absorption rate.       Protein raw material to quality: add muscle powder of good and bad in the very great degree is decided by the level of increase muscle protein raw materials in powder, according to the absorption rate can be divided into different whey protein concentrate, protein separation, whey protein, and hydrolyzed whey protein, hydrolyzed whey protein is the best, of course. Everybody should pay attention at the time of choice. Whey protein powder, protein powder price difference is very much also decided to the whey protein content and different grade, in general fitness in 70 - with protein powder protein content 85% range, hydrolyzed whey protein in the whey protein powder is the best. It is worth noting whey protein ( Animal protein) Protein powder on the absorption efficiency is much higher than the health care market, Main ingredients are vegetable protein soybean protein) 。 European and American products are not suitable for us, Europe and the United States of some of the products is according to the characteristics of the europeans and americans their designed products, for our east Asian people a lot of material is too much. Studies have shown that the dangers of excessive does more harm than missing. So everyone in the choice of time as far as possible to choose domestic. Domestic high gain powder product safety to: add muscle powder, after all, are what we eat, security is a problem that nots allow to ignore, it is recommended to choose the time try to choose those who have the security, famous products. Suits own is the best: according to add muscle carbohydrates in the powder holds different applicable people are also different, relatively thin point selection of carbohydrates is high. Everybody at the time of choosing the best many RenShi to reference a professional advice. In short or that old saying, according to their own physical condition, suits own is the best.
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