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Protein powder or add muscle which effect is better

by:Shine High     2020-04-14
A brother asked me, recently said he went to the gym, beginning his gain fitness programs, but itself is thinner, before and never go to the gym, time has been almost half a month, but a little bit of the same shape, weight down slightly, instead he will try to pass to eat protein powder or add muscle, what the ask me to eat? For this doubt, trust many brothers will have just beginning fitness increased muscle must doubt, small make up today and let's have a chat. Muscle protein requirements of = of energy, protein and promote nutrient. Early the following formula can see muscle protein is very important in the process of material. Protein is a general, primary contains 20 kinds of amino acids, amino acids with different way into the body's demand of different material, such as myoglobin, hemoglobin, globulin and so on. And there are 9 species (in the 20 amino acids in the There's also a say eight) Is composed of the human body can't on its own, can only through the food, let's call it essential amino acids. If a food contains the 9 kinds of amino acids together inside, let's call it a thorough protein, on the other hand is different with the 9 kinds of amino acids is called incomplete proteins. In real life, the protein in animal food is thoroughly protein ( Is very simple to understand, people and animals) For the body to use, so the animal protein more simple. And plant proteins are incomplete protein, needs several plant food to eat, after a complementary talents get the 9 kinds of essential amino acids. Protein powder and increase muscle increase muscle protein powder and powder weight first contain the rapid absorption of carbohydrates; And part of the protein. The first ingredient is protein and protein powder. So, small make up when we eat nutrition is best according to its shape, if you are thin, so that you have gain powder is better, because of the increased muscle powder containing protein and energy, has a good effect on weight gain; If you are not very thin, is bound to be fat, then eat protein powder, because fat during exercise can be converted into energy, and then more than make up for protein powder. Small make up suggest: to add muscle practice in actually, even if the condition permits to an edible protein powder and increase muscle, that is naturally more good. Above are some of the theory of shallow small make up themselves, if you have what different mindset look forward to in the comment area announced your precious opinions, small make up very grateful.
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