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Protein powder can't brewing with hot water? That's because you don't know protein powder

by:Shine High     2020-04-17
A: what is a protein powder and protein powder modified? What is protein powder? Protein powder is commonly use soy protein, whey protein, pea protein or above these proteins were processed protein powder. Protein powder main composition is protein and the protein it for the process of human growth and development as well as the body repair plays a very big effect. 蛋白质是生命的物质基础,我们没有蛋白质的故事,人无法体就够运于正常进行。 而蛋挺其实回收白质量的意思,主要是氨基酸组成。 Protein powder can't brewing with hot water? That's because you don't understand the protein powder we understand what is a protein, also understand the importance of it, so let's look at what is called the protein denaturation. What is a protein denaturation? Let's take a look at, about what is the explanation of protein denaturation on baidu? Role is denatured protein by physical or chemical factors, change the molecular structure and property of the internal function. 一般认为蛋白质的二级结构和三级结构有了改变或遭到破坏,都是变性的结果。 Protein powder can't brewing with hot water? That's because you don't understand protein powder I to explain the so-called said the protein denaturation is just secondary structure or tertiary structure was changed, of course primary structure are also likely to be a corresponding change, but in fact, no matter how he to change, it just changed permutation and combination, but it is the nature and quantity does not change, that is to say the protein denaturation result yes, amino acids and amino acids. We want to know, protein itself began to enter our reactions and changes have taken place in oral began, along with the our food enters the mouth, esophagus and stomach, our protein molecules will be broken down into amino acids. Since in this case the egg white powder is heated, and make protein denaturation, let protein powder into our digestive tract, oral cavity and in the end he is modified, turned into amino acid absorbed by the body. So what's too much of a difference? Now you know how the protein denaturation matter at all? Later someone told you, protein powder after hot water can change, you just tell him what is called the degeneration. 天然改称就会载人提出一个问题,不是说用过热蛋白质会损失蛋白质营养价值吗? 郯们就进入下一个台阶。 Heat the protein powder will have what effect? 2: heating protein powder will have what effect? Heating protein powder will be beneficial to the absorption of proteins, was heard this idea is very strange, how to heat the protein powder can also be beneficial to its absorption, not to say that heat will destroy the nutritional value of protein in the future? But on the contrary, after heating it can promote the absorption of proteins, instead we take a simple example. Raw eggs in the human body the absorption of only 65%, the absorption of boiled eggs in the human body is up to the 94% protein powder can't brewing with hot water? That's because you don't understand why protein powder will appear such a situation? Because the food is heated after its protein structure were disrupted, secondary structure or the tertiary structure is likely to be upset, it will also make it more loose, that is because of such cases, it is advantageous to the decomposition of pepsin, could make amino acid absorption faster. That we have seen, protein powder, won't make the heating value function is reduced, but also can promote the absorption, let it play to a higher nutritional value. See this part, there are a lot of friend happy cheering is about to begin, after that I began to brew protein powder with hot water, it looks like he can let me better absorption, my training will be more effective. Don't worry, let's listen to the following part of the protein powder how should use? Three: protein powder exactly what should use? 1. 驻海泡蛋白粉的时候,不建议进行用热水冲泡沫原因,难保不是因采收独处营养价值会降低,而是因为我们在用摇摇世界杯近海泡沫蛋白粉的时候,因采收热胀冷招生数的因素,热水更容易飞行溅出bsr,们通活动常用的热水是容易烫伤不到我们的皮肤。 That is to say, we are considering for security, do not recommend you for preparing protein powder with hot water, because it is easy to produce risk. Protein powder can't brewing with hot water? That's because you don't understand protein powder has a reason is brewed in hot water for protein powder is easy to affect the taste, a lot of people itself has not able to accept for protein powder, taste worse again, then I'm sure a lot of people for it will produce more exclusive. 与节目时,我们用热水进行近海泡沫蛋白粉的故事,你会发现它更容易结团,那麽它也会影响你的使用感受。 2. Protein powder must be want to be in your diet did not reach the designated position, it appears as a supplement in your training, and include your diet, for example, a lot of people on a business trip, he will not be able to achieve a balanced, can take advantage of the protein powder, protein. 一般我们建议是,非运动成员和非训练量人力蛋白质要达不到体重每千克。 8 g ~ 1. 克的补充,那麽一般运动量比较大的人以及包括运动员是建议,体重每千要补充1克。 2 g ~ 1. 8 grams of protein. 3. Protein powder can be brewed with warm water, can also use milk and juice brewing, it will improve your taste. 4. General advice to buy whey protein powder, is beneficial to absorption, at the same time if you have lactose intolerance, suggest to buy whey protein powder separation, for vegetarians can buy soy protein powder. Protein powder can't brewing with hot water? That's because you don't understand protein powder in our real life generally has met the carbs don't recommend buying gain powder. 购买需求找到正规蛋白粉厂家进行采购。 Because now also has a lot of fake protein powder, the use of corn flour for fraud, so, don't showed and a waste of money and influence effect. 5. If the bubble for protein powder taste really is no way to bear, Suggestions can find some recipes, the protein powder to make some food, now I know is that there are some brands have protein powder made in the form of the moon cakes. 日本内阁总理结:1。 Heating protein powder, can really make protein denaturation, but will not affect the absorption of proteins but also conducive to the absorption of proteins. So those who are worried about the heating protein powder can affect nutritional value of protein powder can relax. 2. But do not recommend protein powder with hot water for brewing, because security issues and taste, and even affect the use of the protein powder. 3. The use of the protein powder has a lot of can be oneself to explore, the rational use of protein powder, if have a diet, and training are in place, you don't need to worry about do you want to use protein powder. 4. Choose their suitable protein intake, will get twice the result with half the effort.
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