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Protein powder can increase muscle fitness coach revealed to you

by:Shine High     2020-04-17
Protein powder and increase muscle composition is little different from powder itself, but when it comes to protein powder have gain effect, we need a deeper understanding. Protein powder can add muscle, bodybuilder reveal to you. A lot of friends that buy add muscle powder, home found a protein powder, but protein powder is also there will be a certain increase muscle function, mainly depends on how to eat.     A, the synthesis of muscles need protein muscles = energy + + protein anabolic nutrients. Can be seen from the previous formula is muscle protein synthesis in the process of the very important matter. Protein is a general designation, including 20 kinds of amino acids, the needs of different amino acid combination become the body of different materials, such as myoglobin, hemoglobin, globulin and so on. And there are 9 species (in the 20 amino acids in the There's also a say eight) Is unable to synthesis of the body, and can only be obtained through food, we call it the essential amino acids. If a food contains the 9 kinds of amino acids at the same time, we call it a complete protein, otherwise don't contain both the 9 kinds of amino acids are called incomplete protein. In real life, the protein in the animal food is a complete protein ( It is easy to understand, people and animals) So animal protein is more likely to be the body to use. And plant protein is not a complete protein, need several kinds of plant foods to eat together, through the complementary to get the 9 kinds of essential amino acids. Protein powder can increase muscle, protein increase muscle protein of the three basic physiological functions are respectively: composition and tissue repair, mediation physiological function and supply of energy. And equipment strength training, combined with the principle of protein powder to add muscle: strength training for repeated stimulation on muscle fiber, protein powder, protein intake repeatedly repair muscle fibers to add muscle coarsen and to achieve. The repair of protein function is the basic add muscle. For those who are just beginning to build muscle of primary fitness enthusiasts, need to understand such a simple truth. The human body muscle is mainly composed of protein. When you try to exercise, small part of the muscle group ( We call this the muscle fiber) Because exercise can damage, but this is a reasonable degree of damaged not injured. Damaged by muscle proteins of the muscle fiber tissue repair muscles of a gradual increase in volume, enhance strength. Let your muscle protein tissue repair needs protein intake from the outside world, in short, intake of protein, finally become a part of your body muscles. So after exercise, and we will eat beef, milk, eggs, tell the class the high-protein foods to help repair. Decades ago when protein powder is not available at that time the fitness of athletes of protein supplements are the natural high protein food. But for our regular fitness enthusiasts, whey protein powder absorbs more advantageous, so after a day by eating protein powder to complement proteins are ways to gain the necessary, especially for thin people want to gain weight. In addition it is important to note that if you don't have the equipment exercise, your body can't absorb so much of the purified protein, the final part makes as pure heat hoarding in the body, most of the other, you consume itself can't be through your kidneys excrete, is not only a huge waste and cause a lot of pressure to your kidney metabolism. Because the popular fitness field 'fitness increased muscle practice, three points on seven points by eating'. Many people put this idea to an extreme, think that eating is overwhelming, dream in fact alone eat protein powder can increase muscle people desire, always a lot of wandering in the gym, but not serious exercise old complain no fitness increased muscle effect should also reflect on exercise intensity. So good to carry out the exercise and its strength is the premise to add muscle, protein amino acids can play a role, otherwise it is not cost-effective. In fact, due to increased muscle powder composition and content vary widely, its effect is also evident difference. Good gain powder can build lean muscles get maximum growth; But some gain powder due to the unreasonable energy material collocation, use for a long time do not please painfully only increase fat does not increase, seriously affect the shape is beautiful. So for the friend that choose to add muscle powder, protein powder will result to be more stable.
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