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Protein powder and whey protein powder is the difference between the two different explanation

by:Shine High     2020-04-16
Protein powder and whey protein powder of protein powder, but the two in nutritional value, or has the very big difference. Generally speaking, the nutritional value of whey protein powder is higher than protein powder, natural whey protein powder price is relatively high, we can according to individual fitness and individual in daily to determine the speed of the body to absorb protein edible protein or whey protein powder, here to introduce some difference of protein powder and whey protein powder. 1. The absorption rate of different protein powder and whey protein powder biggest difference is that the human body is its absorption rate is different, generally speaking whey protein absorption rate was the fastest, half an hour or so after that can absorb. And the absorption of protein powder is relatively slow, need two hours or so to complete absorption process, at the same time whey protein absorption rate in reverse to remove the blood from the stomach is much faster than ordinary protein powder. After many athletes in the match, their muscles in a lack of nutrients, this time can eat whey protein powder, can make its own muscle fast recovery. 2. Different nutritional value comparison, nutritional value of whey protein powder is significantly higher than that of ordinary protein powder, whey protein powder is the use of advanced technology from the milk extracted precious protein, with its high purity, high absorptivity widely admired by people, at the same time there are also rich in a variety of amino acids, easy digestion and absorption by human body use, the common protein powder is rich in amino acid content is relatively less. In the whey protein powder is rich in natural and branched chain amino acids, this material will help slow motion fatigue, reduce their muscle damage degree, to improve their muscle soreness after exercise problems of toning effect is also very good. 3. Different price is based on the whey protein powder and protein powder nutritional efficiency is different, price of whey protein powder is significantly higher than the average protein powder. Quality and different brand, different price will be different protein powder, and the method of making the whey protein powder and they are not the same as. Generally speaking, the price of the whey protein powder, about 200 yuan each protein powder in a few yuan, the price of or about 100 yuan. Everyone in everyday can choose and buy whey protein powder, can better complement required for a variety of nutrients in the body. The above content is detailed to introduce the protein powder and whey protein powder what are the difference between the relevant content. In the daily supplement the body need protein powder can also help to improve the physical quality of the individual, a female friend eat protein powder can achieve very good hairdressing to raise colour effect, can save a lot of unnecessary for women friends buy cosmetics expense, is helpful for personal health. Recommend in daily can be according to the personal body quality as appropriate to eat protein powder.
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