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Pregnant mother can eat health food?

by:Shine High     2021-01-19

many baby in early pregnancy will worry not enough nutrition, development is not good, want to add some extra nutrients. Many pregnant mother played up the idea of health care products, then the pregnant mother can eat health food?

can eat during pregnancy health care products?

under normal circumstances, if the pregnant mother usually eat a balanced diet, intake of nutrition and tire baby to meet their needs enough, don't need additional supplement. Excessive supplement instead cause excess nutrition, can damage the liver and kidney, no benefit not only for themselves, will also affect the baby's normal development, easy to trigger a oaf, congenital diseases, etc.

if pregnant mother because morning sickness poor appetite, poor physical quality, chronic diseases, such as reason, nutrition at ordinary times can't meet the needs of themselves and tire baby, you need to in different gestational age supplement some corresponding health care products, to supplement nutrition, strengthen physical strength and resistance. Specific need health care the best consulting a doctor, and don't add doses.

eat during pregnancy health care products have an impact on your baby?

1。 Add correct maintenance of the product effect is good

pregnant mothers in the case of lack of nutrition, according to the lack of nutrition supplement during pregnancy in different phases are health care products, can supplement the nutrition, immune system, make the tire baby development better.

2。 Guard against blindly supplement maintain article

on the contrary, if the nutritional status of pregnant mother does not consider itself blindly supplements, may cause serious consequences. Statistics show, mother pregnancy if taken every day more than ten thousand units of vitamin A, baby is likely to cause fetal malformation, intellectual disabilities, etc. If taking more than 15 mg per day of vitamin D, easy to cause pregnant mother soft tissue calcification. If take more than 45 mg per day of zinc, easy to cause the premature birth.

3。 Alert at the same time to take a variety of maintain article

in recent years, more popular in the pregnant mother compound vitamins, mommy powdered milk and all kinds of preparations, many are taken. If taking these health care products at the same time, however, it is easy to cause pregnant mother excess nutrients, vitamins and trace elements excessive intake, affect the growth of fetal baby, causing serious consequences, such as abortion, premature delivery, fetal abnormalities.

the most important is the health of the pregnant mother during pregnancy, but don't worry too much. Is included in the many think health food nutrients needed, just eat health food and ignoring the daily diet. In fact, for the pregnant mother, the best way to supplement nutrition should go from daily diet intake, a balanced diet to help nutritional supplements.
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