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Packaging as nutritional health products sales' growth engines'

by:Shine High     2020-09-02
Future Market Insights, according to advisers to no matter how novel products, outstanding packaging is very important for sales, manufacturers must invest conspicuous, information rich and intelligent packaging. According to a new Future Market Insights report, on a global scale, supplement and nutrition packaging Market value of about 24. 900 million euros over the next decade will be 4. Compound annual growth rate of 5% growth. This is mainly due to the cans, bottles and sticks packaging of booming development, followed by a small bag and blister packaging, and 7% of the world's growing demand for supplements and nutrients. Europe accounted for about 8. 43 million euros, which is a major packaging market is expected to reach 5 to 2028. The compound annual growth rate of 1%. Future Market Insights packaging associate consultant, Ismail Sutaria, said for nutrition manufacturer, understanding is vital for successful product packaging is very important. “ The manufacturer can't count on their supplements, or nutritional products, if never shelves, there would be no good. Eye-catching packaging and labelling can supplement nutrition, and make a huge difference in sales, and profits have a positive impact, & other; Sutaria told NutraIngredients. “ For example, a British sports nutrition company in redesigned before exercise supplements for men and women after packaging, their profits increased by 300%. This suggests that the packaging is the nutrition and supplements the engine of growth of the industry, and other He said. A prominent brand image is important, he says, given the increasingly fierce market competition and purchasing platform too much, this is especially so. “ Consumers through e-commerce sites or from retail stores to buy nutritional supplements way it doesn't matter, no matter whether they are filled with various options. Product quality and brand reputation to influence consumers' purchase decision, it is necessary to supplement and nutrition company investment and attractive packaging, appropriate to establish a brand image. “ Whether product or company use high quality raw materials, production process and is fair, Sutaria said, in the long run, every manufacturer has a common goal - Build a high quality products in other brands stand out. He said: & other; Before the product to the market, manufacturers need to keep in mind that one of the most important factor is the packaging. ” Some manufacturers with advanced printers and designers to create & other; Special packaging & throughout; , he says, it must continue to meet the growing demand of nutrition. Intelligent information, small packaging Future Market Insights, said in its report, nutritional health products in the ingredients and nutritional information & other; Is very important for consumer & throughout; , so it's in packaging plays a & other; Crucial role throughout the &; 。 Sutaria, said product information will be supplements and nutrients in the key driver of growth. He said, in particular, better readability is very important Enable consumers to identify unique aspects - the product formula At the same time also clear packing efficiency requirements. “ Nutrition and health related claims to be a key part of the packaging. Company's statement has a great influence on the customer's purchase decision, they may be regulations and how language coupled together to deliver the products in the market the best example. “ Smart tags will become the manufacturer can better a way of communication with the consumer information, said Sutaria, for example, consumers can scan products and find additional information about the ingredients. And he said, using the smart tag technology development is expected in the next ten years. , he says, the demand for small batch packaging form will also increase, provide the opportunity as the main brand, can use carry packaging.
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