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L-carnitine which brand is good

by:Shine High     2020-07-12
Summer is over, the weather is warming fast. See body fat will not cover, the bible of a lot of people are looking for fast weight loss. L-carnitine is the 'star' in weight loss products, in recent years in Tmall mall, some brand of l-carnitine capsule month sales volume has exceeded 60000. Although l-carnitine sales, but also has a lot of people reflect after taking l-carnitine and no effect reducing weight, also someone says stop taking rebound after the better. Effect of l-carnitine on earth? Sohu health launched an online survey about l-carnitine, l-carnitine of six popular weight loss products for evaluation. Netizens think the most effective weight loss products for l-carnitine but 8 to reflect user is invalid in the survey, 65% of the net friend ever buy weight loss products, 24% of the net friend bought l-carnitine. Netizens think the most effective weight loss products are respectively l-carnitine ( 23%) , tea ( 17%) And the meal powder ( 6%) 。 Prompted a net friend decided to buy weight loss products 'expected effect reducing weight' is the first factor, the second and third is the 'brand' and 'friends recommend'. Net friend when you buy weight loss products, the most concern is 'side effects' ( 24%) , followed by 'add illicit drugs' ( 16%) , in addition to the 16% of respondents chose 'don't eat will rebound', 'no effect' only ranked fourth. In the net friend ever buy brand of l-carnitine, choice is the highest percentage of green thin ( 16%) , followed by tomson times health ( 12%) , health bit ( 8%) In third place. Though it was 'the most effective weight loss products' by netizens think the l-carnitine, there are 81% of users reflect, no effect reducing weight. , founding professor of department of nutrition, institute of sports medicine, the research and aihua said: 'whether l-carnitine play effect depends on the crowd, because the source of l-carnitine in human body is mainly two parts, the half is its synthesis, half from animal food intake. For regular exercise and completely vegetarian crowd, may lack of l-carnitine, added some can help burn fat. ”
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