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L-carnitine what time effect reducing weight is best left to eat bacon alkali has exquisite

by:Shine High     2020-07-22
To thin body of the United States eyebrow recognition s: it is a white transparent lens or white powder, l-carnitine is currently used in medicine, health care and food and other fields. L-carnitine is a key material in the process of fat metabolism, can promote fatty acids into the mitochondria oxidative decomposition. In the long time big strength, carnitine increased fat oxidation rate, reduce the consumption of glycogen, at the same time also delayed the fatigue. L-carnitine is not let you lose weight lying motionless, its main function is to transport the fat burning in the mitochondria, is a kind of carrier of enzyme. To use l-carnitine weight loss, must cooperate with the proper sports! How to eat l-carnitine is to have cultured: 1, l-carnitine after taking 1 - 6 hours of work, increase carry momentum at this time the best effect. Don't taking 2, using a large number of amino acids, otherwise it will affect the sinistral absorption. 3, before sleeping, don't take l-carnitine, otherwise will influence the sleep with excitement. 4, when you buy carnitine products to choose and buy high purity of l-carnitine.
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