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L-carnitine what is the correct way of the right way is more effective to lose weight

by:Shine High     2020-04-02
L-carnitine weight loss drug is more common in our life, probably in many people's eyes l-carnitine just need according to the instruction manual use, do not need to have too much attention or taboo, if you think so, then it is wrong, if you want to correct, healthy and fast thin body, must master the correct way, let's get together and see what is correct way of l-carnitine. A, how do I eat l-carnitine l-carnitine use method is simple, in accordance with relevant provisions of the manual dose to use, but in the use of l-carnitine and at the same time, must be combined with moderate aerobic exercise, only to be l-carnitine weight loss effect aerobic exercise extreme. Just want to rely on the practice of l-carnitine without movement, applies only to a handful of people, which can not reach the ideal result reducing weight. Second, l-carnitine taken correctly method 1, can take half an hour after meal, it should be noted that it is best not to take before going to bed an hour, lest l-carnitine excess energy affect morpheus quality. 2, dose: currently, considered safe range in 1000 mg/day ~ 5000 mg/day, don't take a lot of amino acids at the same time, when taking because amino acids may affect the absorption of l-carnitine. 3, s work is 1 hour after taking ~ 6 hours, as a result, in 1 hour after aerobic exercise, reduce fat effect is obvious. 4, taking l-carnitine can affect morpheus quality, so not take before bedtime. Three, taking l-carnitine should note 1, besides l-carnitine taken correctly, you also need to pay attention to drink water more, try to arrange to take during the day, can take an hour before exercise is the best. 2, during the period of taking l-carnitine, don't take a lot of amino acids, lest l-carnitine is absorbed by the body, cause waste. Everyone in the finished reading of l-carnitine and eat what is right after the article introduces, feel very useful? Actually reduce weight can't just rely on diet pills, also need to cooperate with the reasonable diet and appropriate exercise, in the absence of necessary, also do not recommend taking diet pills, avoid cause side effects to the body.
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