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L-carnitine weight loss principle of l-carnitine is fat 'a porter'

by:Shine High     2020-07-19
For weight loss (total believe all know, this product has no side effects of science to lose weight, weight loss effect is also satisfactory, most people will choose l-carnitine, but what is the cause of l-carnitine weight loss? Many don't really know, just to eat, you are below this paper introduces the principle of l-carnitine weight loss let you no longer blind to lose weight. What is l-carnitine l-carnitine is an amino acids, this substance can promote fat into energy, l-carnitine and we can get, from red meat in the diet of people can get, vegetarian diet of the less, the average person can eat around 50 mg. The main function of l-carnitine is to promote fat into energy. Principle l-carnitine l-carnitine weight loss is a kind of fat metabolism process of the enzyme, must be the same as the fatty acids to the mitochondria of porter. Taking l-carnitine coupled with unitary Yang movement, so that we can improve the consumption of fat, achieve the ideal level of fat burning, fatty acids into the mitochondria oxidative decomposition, so that to achieve the effect of weight loss, let you have a healthy slim and attractive figure. Taking l-carnitine note 1, 1 - after taking l-carnitine 6 hours work, so tie-in aerobic exercise to lose weight after taking 1 hour effect is good. 2, taking l-carnitine can't come with a large number of amino acids, avoid inhibit the absorption of l-carnitine. 3, after having eaten the l-carnitine people feel energetic condition, so it is best not to take to avoid affect sleep at night. 4, l-carnitine in work consumes a lot of water, so drink more water, avoid water body. 5, l-carnitine can't long-term use, better to take a month to stop for a week, take the doses cannot too much, must be in strict accordance with the dosage. Above is for you, this paper introduces the principle of l-carnitine weight loss after watching isn't clear how the l-carnitine weight loss, we can learn the same isn't medicine reducing weight, can only be through with exercise to lose weight, so be sure to exercise.
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