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L-carnitine weight loss is it effective to teach you the correct understanding of l-carnitine

by:Shine High     2020-07-18
All the love of beauty, and have a idea friend must of l-carnitine and the weight loss products to lose weight is very familiar with, can say the same market speculation is very hot in our country, but l-carnitine weight loss effectively? Do you really understand again l-carnitine this weight loss products? Let below small make up take you to the correct understanding of l-carnitine. A, l-carnitine is not medicine reducing weight of its main function is to burn fat, and weight loss is not the same. If you want to use l-carnitine weight loss, in addition to burn fat, it also cooperate proper exercise, diet. Second, the movement control of l-carnitine transshipment, control diet, daily 250 - enjoy a transshipment 500 mg is enough. As each human consumption of sinistral is 200 - 500 milligrams. Is not added, the more the better to lose weight. You can eat 2 grams a day, acetyl l-carnitine hydrochloride if don't exercise and diet, must not lose weight! In addition, the human body every day in their own production s, if from long-term excessive intake from the outside ( More than 800 milligrams a day) Will affect their own synthesis of l-carnitine. L-carnitine consuming more than 1 g, some people nausea and vomiting. More than 2 grams, many people will vomit. Three, l-carnitine food source is L - red meat Major source of food and other animal foods include fish, poultry, and milk products, tempeh, By soybean fermented) , wheat and avocado contains the nutrients. Four, note 1 taking l-carnitine, l-carnitine work is 1 hour after taking 6 hours. So for those who need to lose weight, taking 1 hour after aerobic exercise, reduce fat effect is obvious. In addition, l-carnitine and malic acid are used together, the effect will be better. 2, not take a lot of l-carnitine, otherwise it will cause diarrhea. Generally recommended users per use is disabled after a month for a week. And should be avoided in the evening before bed. 3, clear l-carnitine appropriate crowd. Its suitable for seeking the perfect curve, exercise and weight control weight loss. L-carnitine is not recommended for use in people with liver or kidney disease. You finished reading the l-carnitine weight loss is it effective content, whether of l-carnitine have a more correct understanding of this product? Really want to lose weight, still need to adopt the correct methods, only rely on medicaments reducing weight not only likely to rebound, and may threaten human health, is very unreliable, so suggest you to learn the right method to lose weight.
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