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L-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule have any side effects

by:Shine High     2020-03-31
L-carnitine as fatty acids beta Oxidation of key material, can remove excess fat in the body and other fatty acid residue, making for a balance of energy in cells. So, enjoy tea polyphenol capsule? Is there any side effects? The main composition of l-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule is l-carnitine tartrate, tea polyphenol. Similar role to the l-carnitine. Use all sorts of pills and unhealthy acupuncture to try to contain their growing fat figure, such not only easy to damage the body and lose weight rebound, serious damage to life or life threatening. The good and evil people mixed up more because the drug market, have different advantages and disadvantages, caused the chaos on the market of weight loss products, but also to people's diet was overshadowed. And with the popularity of green health life concept, more and more people like natural way to lose weight, common natural diet health movement, natural and healthy diet to lose weight, and l-carnitine non-toxic side effects, such as composition and natural or fruits and vegetables and herbs of traditional Chinese medicine effective component of weight loss products, etc. The main original is to reduce the intestinal absorption of lipids in foods, control the intake of the body heat, prevent new fat storage. By producing heat consumption in the form of the original too much fat, accelerate fat metabolism rate, make it into protein sugar, maintain the original body balanced nutrition, regulate human body fat and blood fat, thin body of the function. L-carnitine tea polyphenol capsule have side effect to the latest report about l-carnitine research are the following: l-carnitine has reduced the & # 160; Nervous tension, promote cardiovascular patients rehabilitation, enhance immunity, and accelerate protein synthesis, and promote wound healing, and protection of the stability of cell membrane. Western some nutritionists even the l-carnitine as a vitamin, as additives in the diet is recommended for everyone, suggest that daily use. 2 hours after eating ~ & # 160; Hours with a certain movement, can prevent obesity purpose to promote the development of physical and mental. In short, is a safe and effective supplements and found no side effects. With the development of scientific research, people there will be less and in-depth study of l-carnitine, l-carnitine will be more large-scale use, to the benefit of mankind.
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