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L-carnitine really useful l-carnitine weight loss trap

by:Shine High     2020-07-03
In this era with thin for beauty, losing weight is a key topic of urban men and women, l-carnitine weight loss method recommended by Dr West wood at that time last year attracted a lot of eye for beauty, but because of the effect reducing weight is not ideal, l-carnitine weight loss are gradually forgotten, shortly before disappear assist Mr. Li and received many consumer complaints from the shop sell l-carnitine on the phone. And this kind of diet to the forefront, reporter also went after Mr. Li made a comprehensive report. According to disappear assist, Mr Li said recently she received many consumer complaints of the shop sales of l-carnitine. A lot of torture beauty show after eating the pills, not only did not achieve the effect that reduce weight, but also appeared hypodynamia, anorexia and other adverse symptoms. Mr. Li himself open consumer complaints website, found that website really still sell l-carnitine diet pills. And below the product still have a long effect is introduced, and attach the 'within a few days can let obese thin how much jins' commitment. Then Mr Lee's business online inquiry, the company was not detected. Let the clerk to provide company's business license, the clerk was reluctant to show me. Mr Li analysis that the online stores belong to illegal business, sales of l-carnitine weight loss products are fake and shoddy products, these products may contain countries banned substances. So consumers using the weight loss products, not only the effect that reduce weight, also can produce l-carnitine side effects. In order to not let us suffer more, Mr Li told the Ministry of Commerce and industry, let the shop off soon. Mr Li told reporters that the good and bad are intermingled, l-carnitine weight loss products currently on the market is not without many vendors sold JiaLie counterfeit products, consumers do not blindly choose and buy. And l-carnitine weight loss is not for everyone. L-carnitine is actually exist a coenzyme substance of the body, in the human body is mainly ACTS as the effect of carrier medium, a steady stream of carry fat to decompose combustion in the mitochondria. The real l-carnitine can indeed have effect reducing weight. But for America to prevent a repeat consumption trap. Reporters found a shop that sells l-carnitine weight loss products on the Internet, after the call, the operator is very enthusiastic recommend and introduce the advantage of the products, and said selling for many years in a row, has been good reputation in the market. One industry have revealed to the reporter said, 'the businessman in order to attract more customers, will use a lot of television, Internet advertising each puzzle for judgment, then let them into the trap of repeated consumption by telephone, until the consumers money drain. 'Reporters to Mr. Li's complaints rights office found that last year alone accepted about counterfeit l-carnitine weight loss, such as product quality complaints more than 700 pieces, including product effect is not in conformity with advertising description has become the hot spot. Mr Li to reporters analysis to the consumer association, many businesses in the process of accepting trial have said 'do or not to be, like an invalid. 'Because the invalid is safe, which ensures that consumers don't out of danger after taking drugs, food, there would be no losses to the company. 'At best effect is to make the product look more slowly, or the effect is not obvious, even if the customer complaints, producers can also completely shirk responsibility. 'Mr. Lee said, adding that this is a commonly used method, in order to attract consumer attention, the curative effect of deliberately exaggerated product, such as' crazy left 20 jins 'in January, and also use some stars and models as propaganda, guaranteed to thin how much jins. In addition, in order to increase the credibility of the product, the businessman also invented some of the characters and storyline, under the guise of experts or celebrities, forge the patent number or the name of the survey data, and so on. Mr Li said at the last, the effect of l-carnitine weight loss products is some, but not for everyone, and the fake and inferior products on the market at present, a lot of beauty is unable to distinguish, all he suggested that people want to lose weight or choose the green and healthy way to lose weight, exercise to lose weight, for example, diet to lose weight. Small make up message: at present, the concept of weight loss or green health is a kind of mainstream, l-carnitine weight loss method are relatively wide, and the good and bad are intermingled of l-carnitine weight loss products on the market, so recommend to healthy weight loss or choose the traditional way to lose weight.
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